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Which Jacket to Wear With a Boho Dress?

Which Jacket to Wear With a Boho Dress?

It’s not always easy to figure out what to wear to stay comfortable during the mid of fall and winter. One morning you might feel the need to layer up in something warm for a breezy day, while the other day you might feel to keep it a bit comfy. Mid-season is tough. It’s tricky and plays with your mind.

With temperatures swiftly plummeting, and you’re not forgoing boho dresses just yet, the simplest and most convenient way is to style them with a jacket to throw off your look effortlessly.

With varying lengths of chic dresses, it is important to find the right jacket that will perfectly match your boho clothing whether your style edges on the casual side or more of a formal look. A bohemian jacket instantly elongates your look and adds style while keeping you cozy.

Pairing a jacket with a boho-inspired dress can be a bit challenging, as it’s important to understand which jackets go with mini, midi, or maxi dresses.

A mini dress generally ends at mid-thigh level, with a hemline well above the knees. A midi dress applies to any length just above the calf, and a couple of inches below the knees. Whereas, a maxi dress reaches down to your ankle, fits the top, and flows toward the bottom.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore which jacket to wear with bohemian dress according to your body shape.

Which Jacket to Wear According to Your Body Type?

Both practical and stylish, boho jackets are a perfect piece of clothing that is definite to become your bohemian wardrobe staple for the months ahead. You need to choose a jacket that will accentuate your curves in all the right places to make you look chic.

Here we’ve gathered some useful tips on how to choose the right boho-chic jacket according to your body type.

Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass body type, you may have curvier thighs and more rounded edges to your full frame, and slightly rounded shoulders. Remember to wear a boho jacket that highlights your waistline such as a bomber jacket, long or short jacket, and all-time favorite trench coat. You can also consider accessorizing jackets with belts.

Pyramid Body Shape

A pyramid body type usually has broader shoulders, and a bust line that narrows down through your hips. If you have this body type, you can opt for a flared jacket that counterbalances your figure, especially your shoulders, and harmonize your silhouette. You can also wear drape jackets to soften the shoulders and add volume to your lower body.

Rectangle or Banana Body Shape

If you have a narrower waist than the bust or hips, you have a ruler-shaped figure with an undefined waist. Either you can break up the straight, and create curves, or play up your long, lean lines. You can easily get away with wearing most jacket styles, but long belted jackets are the best choice according to your body type.

Round Body Shape

A round body type has broad shoulders, narrow hips, and no defined waist. For this body type, you can wear a single-breasted jacket, draped jacket, or unbuttoned jacket to create a slimming vertical line to give you a lean look. Or choose a soft bomber-style jacket that extends below the waist.

Figure 8 Body Shape

If you have a figure 8 body type you have curved shoulders that are wide and hips/thighs are narrower. You should avoid boxy jackets and straight coats. Double button-breasted jackets and open jackets help you give an extra width at your hips and accentuate your look further.

Apple Body Shape

An apple body type has a heavy top, a wide torso, broad shoulders, a full bust, a fuller waist, and an upper back. You must avoid clingy fabrics, and opt for floaty jackets for a figure-flattering look. Emphasize your bust, and draw attention towards it to flaunt your body feature. You can wear denim jackets or embroidered cotton jackets that hit at the hip, without a waist belt.

Pear Body Shape

A pear body type characterizes large hips wider than the bust and shoulders, and proportionally slim shoulders. You need to wear jackets that take attention away from the hips, and draw it towards the upper body, such as a more cropped silhouette, long coats, and belted single-breasted jackets to create a proportion between shoulders and hips.

Athletic Body Shape

In contrast to other body types, the athletic body type has more muscle mass and moderate levels of body fat. The body is rounder, and softer, and weight is distributed throughout your body. You can consider long-line coats, double-breasted, and bomber jackets to accentuate your waistline. Flared jackets are also an option for the athletic body type.

Diamond Body Shape

Your sparkling body type has narrower shoulders and a wider waist that you can shimmer in several styles. You can opt for jackets that create the illusion of a curvy silhouette. A regular fit, A-line jackets are a great way to add some broadness to your shoulders. A faux leather jacket can look best on your diamond body type.

Which Jacket to Wear with a Boho Mini Dress?

Summer might be going away soon, however, with with the right jacket, like a hooded teddy jacket you can keep wearing your short dresses comfortably without letting them disappear into your wardrobe. The challenge lies in the fact that a jacket can either make or break an outfit. Therefore, you need to understand which areas to highlight to accentuate your look further.

A Bomber Jacket

You can easily pair a bohemian mini dress with a bomber jacket for an elegant look. A boho jacket can bring functionality and chicness to your style, and ramp up the oomph factor to turn eyes. You can easily wear a bomber jacket on a short dress to suit anything from a smart-casual outfit to semi-formal party wear.

A Boho Belted Jacket

A bohemian belted jacket can give you a modern look and give your body a more defined shape. It also gives you the extra warmth you need and adds elegance to your ensemble. You can opt for some neutral, earthy-toned, or plaid belted jackets to create a more feminine look.

Leather Jacket

Keep things sophisticated and edgy by wearing a brown leather jacket with a short boho dress this season. A leather jacket creates a more tailored look for your body and elevates your waistline to follow your curves. You’re sure to look chic wearing this combo.

Fringe Jacket

A bohemian fringe jacket has a decorative border with playful details and embroidery to make you look the chicest. The simplest way to tone down a boho midi dress is by layering it with a fringe jacket. You can wear it with a floral printed or neutral-toned midi dress to add a little edginess and fun.

Which Jacket to Wear with a Boho Maxi dress?

As the temperature cools off, you don’t need to put back your floral boho maxi dresses. The key to focus on layering, and choosing the right jacket to wear with a boho maxi dress. Jackets create a structured and streamlined look when paired with maxi dresses.

Embroidered Denim Jacket

You can always select a jacket with a wide collar and detailed edges to create a well-defined look. An all-time favorite, embroidered denim jackets can be paired well with different types of boho midi dresses. It is a no-brainer combo that continues to stand the test of time.

Cropped Jacket

Cropped jackets look superb with boho maxi dresses. The cropped jacket gives you the right amount of warmth and helps you avoid that overwhelming stuffy feeling that comes when you’re too bundled up during the transitional seasons. Also, they are a great way to show your maxi dress, yet transcend aesthetically.

Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket over your flowy maxi dress. It brings effortless chic vibes and makes you look fresh and stylish. Leather jackets are simply fashionable forever, and emphasize women’s elegance when worn over a maxi dress. It’s a one-and-done look that you can wear from day to night.

Bohemian Jackets are Transitional Quintessential

It’s that time of the year when, it’s still hot during the day, and becomes cool in the evening. To block cold and keep you warm during breezy days, bohemian jackets are classic iterations that will do nicely. A waterfall collar jacket is a chic and stylish option that will elevate your outfit while keeping you warm.

With all the options that we’ve provided you to keep yourself warm during this time, you’re sure to now know which jacket to wear with a boho dress. Jackets are both edgy and smart that add an instant style to your outfit. Just make sure you select the jackets according to your body type and dress to keep you toasty during the winter.

Which jacket to wear with a Boho Midi dress?

No matter where you go over the course of the day, you can always opt for a laid-back look with a combo of a boho midi dress and a jacket.

This is the ultimate chic fashion for a relaxed casual and formal look. Dressing up a boho midi dress with a jacket is a lot easier than you think.

Cargo Style Jacket

Elegant and understated, a cargo-style jacket with a boho midi dress is a classic style that never dates. It offers two-for-one value that makes a statement on its own and complements your ensemble when worn over a boho midi dress. This combo works well for transitional months.

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