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What Is Bohemian Jewelry? Its Characteristics & Types

What Is Bohemian Jewelry? Its Characteristics & Types

Have you seen women wearing beaded gemstone necklaces and chunky metal bracelets or long multi-chain with pendants and fringe-edged earrings?

Don’t they just look more intriguing to the eyes?

The bohemian jewelry style is a mainstay forever fashion that you just can’t resist. The tribal touch, mysterious textures, and enchanting designs, all together create an aesthetically appealing jewelry style.

Bring out the bohemian goddess and make a statement with your jewelry for a complete modern-hippie look. Trendy boho jewelry accentuated with intricate details and embellished with stones is your best bet for the perfect look.

Boho-chic looks are easy to create and fun to play around when paired with bohemian clothes for different occasions and events.

If you’re still unsure how to rock a Bohemian look with a statement jewelry piece, we’ve got you covered. In this style guide, we’ll tell you all the characteristics and types and also where to buy the best Boho themed jewellery.

What Is Boho Jewelry?

The boho lifestyle is all about carefree and creative mishmash of elements. Boho is associated with retro patterns, vintage-inspired designs, neutral shades, earthy tones, and a flair for statement.

Bohemian fashion represents an alternative to the social stance and has its own creative and artistic appeal. Boho jewelry is a more natural, unique fashion style that combines together elements of nature, and the environment to make a fashion statement that stands out.

Boho jewelry designs have gemstones, shells, beads, and other earthy elements. Boho style jewelry is easy to wear and can be worn with several bohemian dresses effortlessly.

5 Main Characteristics of Bohemian Style Jewelry

Here are some of the core characteristics that can help any boho diva distinguish what a piece of bohemian jewelry should look like:

1 - Layered Jewelry Pieces

Layering is an essential part of Boho fashion, be it clothes or accessories. Bohemian jewelry incorporates different elements layered together to create a statement necklace that stands out among other modern jewelry designs.

2 - Paired Elements

Boho is all about mixing and matching and experimenting with different elements that can work together. A combination of boho-inspired jewelry will help you achieve the hippie look with a similar-themed outfit.

3 - Earthy-themed

Earthiness is the core of boho jewelry that maintains its classic touch. Boho jewelry allows you to express your true self and your love for nature. It combines different elements of nature and environment to create a distinctive look.

4 - Frill and Fringes

Frill and fringes are other key elements associated with Boho fashion. Boho jewelry is incomplete without frills and fringes added to its statement pieces. A fringes chocker necklace or frilled anklet is sure to give you a bohemian goddess look.

5 - Retro-vintage Inspired

To maintain the classic touch of vintage-inspired designs and theme, boho jewelry combines pearls and warm color schemes to create a more regal look.

5 Types of Boho Jewelry Styles

There are different types of bohemian jewelry that you can wear to accessories your boho-chic outfits all year round. You can only opt for one of the pieces of jewelry or you can combine different pieces together to create a more complete hippie-inspired look.

Boho jewelry is about your style preferences and what you feel comfortable wearing. We’ve listed some of the most common types of Boho-chic jewelry that women across the world like to keep in their wardrobes.

1 - Boho Style Earrings

Boho earrings make you look more attractive and further accentuate your body features. Earrings are designed to complement your outfit and make a visual statement that makes you look more polished and put together.

2 - Bohemian Necklace

Bohemian necklaces come in different shapes and sizes and are available in different textures and colors. A bohemian necklace elongates your look especially when you’re wearing a boho maxi dress. A necklace adds charms to your personality and expresses your individuality.

3 - Boho-Chic Bracelets

Bohemian bracelets are an elegant and thoughtful piece of jewelry that makes women more attractive and fashionable. A delicate shell boho bracelet or fringed bangle is a great accessory that helps elevate all kinds of bohemian outfits.

4 - Boho Style Rings

Boho-style rings are a valuable accessory that has been worn by women over the centuries. Boho rings highlight the natural beauty of its wearer and symbolizes elegance and sophistication for the modern-day women.

5 - Boho Anklets & Toe Rings

Bohemian anklets and toe rings are small accessories but very subtle and elegant. Boho anklets radiate positive energy. Toe rings entice romanticism and add more femininity to your overall look.

Where to Buy It?

Today bohemian jewelry designers are taking fashion to the next level. Some of the best boho-chic brands and independent designers craft hand-made pieces of jewelry incorporating raw gemstones, pearls, leather, beads, and other elements. Each piece of bohemian jewelry signifies femininity and a moment of freedom.

Boho jewelry brands are available worldwide and offer endless options with simplicity and a minimalist design-thinking approach. Some of the best jewelry designer brands are Tohum, Pippa Small, and Lily Flo.

The Boho jewelry designed by the designer brands is associated with the new age, and modern era and is even customized to personal fashion style. The constructs of this jewelry include textured earrings, layered necklaces, and vintage-inspired bracelets.

Some of the other boho jewelry designer brands like Zamarut and Nugget Gallery offer intricate bohemian jewelry designs that can be accessorized with bohemian dresses for wedding events and parties to make you dazzle on your big day.

Bohemian Jewelry for Life

The eclectic boho jewelry style has its own league. Breaking societal norms and creating a unique style, bohemian jewelry is the ultimate expression of freedom.

Boho-inspired jewelry style adds a refreshing contrast to your style and emphasizes simplicity and elegance. It is a glimpse of who you are and what your journey is.

A piece of bohemian jewelry doesn’t just adorn your outfits but also tells a story about who you are and makes you shine. Flaunt your inner bohemian with a boho-inspired jewelry piece on an ethnic outfit. You are open to experimenting with jewelry pieces that work best for your style and look, yet remain elusive and fashionable.

Be yourself and feel free with bohemian styled jewelry, designed to complement your personal style.

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