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How to Style a Midi Dress? Here You Can Follow These Simple Steps

How to Style a Midi Dress? Here You Can Follow These Simple Steps

A Midi Dress is a type of women's dress that falls below the knee and above the ankle. Midi dresses are popular because they are flattering to various body types and can be dressed up or down for various occasions.

Styling a Midi dress is essential because it can help you create a stylish and flattering look. For example, pairing a Midi dress with high heels and a statement necklace can give you a perfect look for a night out. Or, you could pair your Midi dress with flats and a cardigan for a more casual look.

You can wear a Midi dress to work, weddings, or a date night out. The key to styling a Midi dress is keeping the rest of your look simple and letting the dress be the show's star.

We’ll show you our favorite ways to style a Midi dress in this style guide.

Most Popular Types of Midi Dresses?

There are a few different types of Midi dresses that are popular these days.

1. Long Sleeve Midi Dress

How to Style a Midi Dress - Long sleeve

You need a dress that will keep you warm and covered during the winter months, but not one with too many restrictions on movement. A long-sleeved Midi provides just what your body needs without being tight or uncomfortable.

2. Bodycon Midi Dress

How to Style a Midi Dress - Bodycon

A bodycon Midi dress is a figure-hugging, tighter version of a regular Midi dress. It clings to your curves in all the right places - such as hips and waistline – for an attractive look that accentuates you.

3. Lace Midi Dress

How to Style a Midi Dress - Lace

Lace Midi dresses are a great way to make your formal events more elegant. They're lined with fabric that's fashioned from lace, making them functional and stylish at the same time.

4. Bardot Midi Dress

How to Style a Midi Dress - Bardot

While Bardot Midi dresses may be a popular style for weddings and during spring or summer seasons, it's also an excellent option if you want to make your dress look more complete. The off-the-shoulder design will show off any neckline while flaunting curves in all their glory.

5. Midi Wrap Dress

How to Style a Midi Dress  wrap

The Midi wrap dress is a flattering, romantic look for any body type. The tie around the waist usually sits on one side of your hips and can be customized to fit very tightly or loosen up just enough to feel comfortable throughout an entire night out with friends.

7 Different Ways to Wear a Midi Dress

7 Different Ways to Wear a Midi Dress

The Midi dress is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Here are five different ways to style a midi dress, whether headed to the office or on a night out on the town.

1. Shoes That Fits Right

There are a few different types of Midi dresses, but the most popular type is the pleated Midi dress. This dress style is often seen with a pair of high heels, but it can also be worn with a pair of flats or sandals.

Tiered Boho Midi dresses with espadrilles also go great together. Espadrilles give you a little extra height to make you look a bit taller.

Closed or sling-back heels look great with a fitted or, even better, a fit and flare Midi dress, and this look is a go-to for the office.

2. Adding Statement Jewelry

Adding the right piece of jewelry can elevate your look. If you’re wearing a solid color dress, try a statement necklace or some bold earrings. If your dress is patterned, keep your jewelry simple to not overwhelm your outfit.

3. Sandals That Go With Everything

Midi dresses can look great with a pair of strappy sandals. This timeless shoe style will never go out of fashion, and they are the perfect footwear choice for summer weather. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your outfit, opt for a pair of bejeweled sandals or heeled sandals.

3. Style With a Jacket

A great way to style your Midi dress is to add a boho jacket. This can be a denim jacket or a blazer. It will give your outfit some structure and make it more appropriate for daytime wear.

4. Wear With Sneakers

If you want to keep your look casual, pair your Midi dress with sneakers. This is a great way to style the dress for running errands or running around town.

5. Dress It up With Heels

For a more dressed-up look, pair your Midi dress with a pair of heels. This is an excellent option for wearing the dress to work or going out to dinner.

6. Adding a Belt

Adding a belt to your Midi dress is a great way to define your waist and create a flattering silhouette. This is an excellent option for wearing a dress to a party or night out.

7. Wear With a Scarf

If you want to add some color or pattern to your outfit, pair your Midi dress with a scarf. This is a great way to accessorize the dress and make it unique.

How to Style a Midi Dress FAQs

Can I Wear a Midi dress in Winter?

Of course! Wearing a Midi dress in winter can be a great way to stay stylish and warm at the same time.

1. Layer it with a turtleneck or mock neck top: This is a great way to add extra warmth to your look without sacrificing style.

2. Pair it with a denim jacket: A denim jacket is a perfect addition to any outfit, and it will keep you warm in cooler weather.

3. Throw on a cardigan: A cardigan is another great layering piece that will keep you cozy all day long.

What Shoes do you Wear with a Midi dress?

When choosing the right shoes to wear with a Midi dress, it is essential to consider the occasion. Sneakers or flats will be a great option if you wear the dress for a casual event.

However, if you wear the dress for a more formal occasion, opting for heels or wedges would be best. There is a perfect shoe to complete your look no matter the occasion.

What do you layer a Midi dress with?

You can layer it with a boho knit cardigan or blazer for a more polished look, or go for a more relaxed vibe with a denim jacket. You can also layer your Midi dress with a turtleneck or sweater to stay warm.

And don't forget about accessories - they can take your outfit to the next level. A statement necklace or scarf can add just the right amount of flair, while a pair of cool sunglasses can help keep you feeling chic all day long.

What do you Wear on top of a Midi dress?

Pair it with a cardigan or blazer for a more sophisticated look or a denim jacket for a more relaxed look. To keep warm, layer a turtleneck or jumper over your Midi dress.

Can you Wear Ankle boots with a Midi dress?

Yes, you can. Wearing ankle boots with a dress is a great way to add a touch of edge to your look. If you're not sure how to style this trend, start by picking out a pair of booties in a neutral color, like black or brown. Then, simply choose a Midi dress in any color or print that you love

Can you Wear a Midi dress with Tights?

The answer is yes! Tights can help create a more polished look with a Midi dress. They can also keep you warm in cooler weather.

How to Style a Midi dress for Work?

If you want to style a Midi dress for work, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

First, make sure the dress is not too revealing. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the dress falls at or below your knees. You don't want to be showing too much skin at work.

Second, avoid dresses with prints or patterns that are too busy or distracting. Stick to solid colors or classic prints that won't be a distraction in the workplace.

Finally, consider pairing your dress with a blazer or cardigan for an extra layer of sophistication and professionalism.

How to style Midi dress casually?

  • Pair it with sneakers – This is probably the most obvious way to style a Midi dress casually, but it works. Pairing your dress with a Pair of low-top sneakers or even just some slip-on shoes will give your look a more relaxed vibe.
  • Throw on a denim jacket Another easy way to dress down a Midi dress is by throwing on a denim jacket over the top. This is the perfect way to add an edge to your look and make it more casual.
  • Opt for a more relaxed fabric – If you're looking for a casual Midi dress, try opting for one made from a more relaxed fabric like linen or cotton. These fabrics tend to wrinkle less and look more effortless than something like silk or satin.

How to Style a Midi dress for fall?

Pair your Midi dress with a chunky sweater and booties for a cozy yet chic look. Add a scarf and hat for extra warmth.

Layer a turtleneck under your Midi dress for a sophisticated outfit that will keep you warm. Try pairing it with heels or ankle boots.

Wear your Midi dress as-is with a pair of over-the-knee boots. This is an excellent option for a night out or a special event.

These are just a few ideas for styling your Midi dress for fall. Get creative and experiment with different looks to find what works best for you.

Key Takeaways

A Midi dress can be worn in a variety of ways. A Midi dress can be paired with many knitwear (try a supersized pullover and a beanie) and a pair of hiking boots.

If you're going somewhere formal, thigh-high boots and a nice Crombie coat will give your Midi dress a polished edge. This dress has a lot of wearability, so you'll be able to wear it for several seasons.

Midi dresses are available in various styles, so there’s sure to be one that suits your taste.

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