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How to Dress an Apple Shaped Body - Trendy Styles and Tips

How to Dress an Apple Shaped Body - Trendy Styles and Tips

When it comes to body types, most women will fit into the apple body type. As we age, our midsections tend to expand and bulge outward, giving us the appearance of an apple. It is perfectly normal! But when the media bombard us with photos of idealized bodies, it can become a bit challenging to not feel overwhelmed.

Everybody sees the beauty on different way, but we think, apple-shaped physiques are beautiful. So instead of feeling insecure, women should embrace their physique and show it off.

You can pick the right clothing to show your beauty. Try to wear something that makes you look and feel your best. Clothing can help you to highlight your curves, or to downplay certain areas of your body.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dressing an apple shaped body, but there are a few tips that can help you create a flattering look.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to dress an apple shaped body, its characteristics, styling tips, and outfit ideas.

So, let’s get started!

What is an Apple Shaped Body?

Apple body women have a large belly and no discernible waistline, making them the most common body type. Compared to other women, apple shaped women tend to be heavier in the midsection, with larger breasts and a more prominent waistline.

It seems that your hips have shrunk in size, but your waist is still somewhat larger than your hips. Women of this body typically wear at least one size larger on top, which may either be asymmetrical in shape or enormous to seem more attractive.

5 Characteristics of Apple Shaped Body:

Following are the general characteristics of an apple body type:

  1. Curvaceous figure
  2. Round stomach
  3. Full chest
  4. Larger hips and thighs
  5. Slim limbs and attractive legs

Tips to Style a Real Life Apple Body Shape

Women with apple-shaped bodies usually try to conceal their bodies by wearing loose clothes. But as I mentioned earlier, women should be proud of their bodies and show them off.

Tops are incredibly important when shopping for the apple shape outfits. Anything that draws attention to the shoulders, chest, and neckline is an excellent choice. When you wear an apple-shaped outfit, you may experiment with layering to produce long slim lines that glide over your tummy in winter and fall. Experiment with accentuating your collar bones and wear shirts with boatnecks, square necks, and other necklines.

Women with apple-shaped bodies, especially young women, should focus on the features above and below the hipline when picking out outfits. If you want to attract attention to your legs and thighs, go for short hemlines and brightly colored bottoms. Wearing something too bulky around the midsection can ruin your overall look.

Additionally, putting on a nice bra can really accentuate your body. A good bra can create a lovely contrast between your bustline and stomach.

Outfits to Style an Apple Shaped Body

If you are a woman with an apple body type, it can be hard finding clothes that look good on your. There are many different ways to style an apple shaped body. One option is to wear boho tops and dresses that create a vertical line and skirts that are flared or A-line. This will help to create the appearance of a longer torso and smaller waist.

Let’s check out some clothing top styles that are ideal for apple shaped bodies.

Tops for an Apple Shaped Body

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for tops for an apple shaped body. First, look for tops with higher necklines. This will help to elongate your torso and minimize the appearance of your midsection. Wearing tops with darker colors or patterns will also help to camouflage your midsection.

Additionally, try to avoid tops with tight or clingy fabrics, as they will only accentuate your curves. Instead, look for tops with loose or flowing fabrics, which will help to camouflage your curves and create a more flattering silhouette.

Finally, focus on the fit of your tops. Make sure they are not too tight or too loose, as either extreme will not look good on an apple shaped body.

Here are a few top styles that’ll look good on an apple shaped body:


  • V-Neck: If you have an apple-shaped body, V-neck tops are ideal since they divert attention away from your stomach to your neck and breast.
  • Sweetheart: This neckline style is high on the back and low on the front, with a scalloped edge to imitate the top of a heart-shaped neckline.
  • Scoop: Scoop neck tops are similar to extended layers in the sense that they are shorter in the front and longer in the back and maybe worn in several ways.
  • Square: A square neckline is similar to a crew neckline, but is slightly more squared off. The neckline can be made broader to show off more shoulders, or it can be made lower for a more modern and edgy style.
  • Strapless: A strapless top is a bandeau-style garment used to cover the breasts. A "tube top" is another name for this kind of top.
  • Wrap: It features a low v-neckline, designed to make the chest area seem longer and add more definition to the


      • Cap: Short sleeves cut in a way that seems to fit on the shoulder
      • Slit: Features a central opening that often exposes a portion of the arm.
      • Cuff: A cuff is a layer of cloth that runs down the bottom border of a garment's sleeve.
      • Flare: It might be lengthy or short in length and is often placed smoothly into the armscye and flares out at the bottom.
      • Drap: Drap sleeves are a type of sleeve that is made from a sheer or lightweight fabric. They are typically worn to give the appearance of long arms or to add volume to the arms.


      • Straight: An actual straitjacket is a jacket with sleeves that go all the way up to the wearer's wrist.
      • Fitted: it is made to fit your body perfectly.
      • Empire: It resembles a puffer jacket
      • Cardigan: A knitted boho sweater that has an open front
      • Waterfall: The waterfall jacket style is a popular type of jacket that features a flowing, waterfall-like design. This style of jacket often has a loose or flowing fit. Those with larger breasts tend to look stunning in this


      • Trapeze: It is a fitted top that gradually widens out into an A-line shape as it reaches the hemline.
      • Swing: An easy-to-wear, comfortable essential, the swing top (also known as a flared top). The current trend calls for a flared hem.
      • Draping: It is draped around the body, a good choice for apple body-shaped women.
      • Tunic: It is a relaxed-fit shirt that resembles a long shirt or a short dress.
      • Wrap: Shirt style that is wrapped around the body through knots.


      • A-Line: It is fitter from the shoulders to the hip and wider in the hem.
      • Straight: Loose fit long boho coats that go down to the knees.
      • Trench: a military-inspired raincoat with a belted waist and two breast pockets.

      5 Types of Bottoms for an Apple Shaped Body

      When it comes to legs, women with an apple-shaped body type often go the extra mile to show them off. There are a lot of different kinds of bottoms that can be used to dress up an apple body shape woman.

      1 - Jeans

      Finding the perfect jeans style for your apple body shape can be a challenge, but it's definitely worth the effort! When it comes to jeans, you want something that will elongate your body and give you a flattering shape. Bootcut jeans are always a good option for apple-shaped ladies, as they help to create a curvier silhouette.

      Avoid tight or skinny jeans, as they will only make you look more bottom-heavy. A good pair of straight-leg jeans can also be a great option, as they will help to lengthen your legs. Just make sure that the waistband is comfortable and not too tight.

      If you're looking for a more fashion-forward option, try a pair of wide-leg jeans or culottes. These styles will help to add some curves to your frame and make you look more proportional.

      Here are a few jeans styles ideal for apple body shape ladies:

      • Boot cut jeans
      • Flare jeans
      • Straight or slim jeans
      • Skinny jeans
      • Palazzo jeans
      • Crop cut jeans
      High Waist Boho Jeans With Angel Print


      2 - Pants

      If you haven't guessed before, the best pants for an apple-shaped body are ones that emphasize the waist. Higher waistlines, especially when accentuated with a belt or tailoring, are more appealing than lower waistlines. When wearing pants, look for a waist that is smaller than your hips and upper body.

      • High waisted
      • Belted
      • Straight-leg

      3 - Skirts

      Skirts for apple-shaped females should conceal the largest region of the body. To achieve this look, they should aim for skirts that rest on the calf, knee, or slightly above the knee. Straight bohemian skirts look fantastic with fun flared bottoms. It will be simpler to fill out your hips if you wear larger skirts that float away from your body. Hence, the best options are:

      • Straight cut
      • Flare bottom skirts
      • A-line
      • Pencil skirts
      • Maxi skirts

      4 - Trousers

      Wide-leg, flowing trousers look great on apple-shaped ladies because they balance the wider waist with the smaller legs. A low- to mid-rise is suitable for someone with a large waist. Side-fastening pants are an excellent choice for slimming your tummy. Pants with a flat front should not cling to the body and should not be excessively tight.

      5 - Dresses

      Dresses for apple shape bodies should skim rather than cling to the tummy. Bohemian dresses with an A-line, empire-line or bias-cut hem divert attention away from the stomach.

      Fit and flare is another apple body dress style. Skater dresses are a great casual fit-and-flare example. Mid-calf dresses may lengthen your legs and heighten your torso. An empire waistline elongates the upper torso and makes the wearer seem thinner.

      Lyla Short Sleeve Boho Maxi Dress

      6 - Jumpsuits

      Due to the fitting nature of jumpsuits, they emphasize the body's shape. Hence, the best options are:

      • A wrap jumpsuit or playsuit
      • Empire Style
      • Chambray and linen jumpsuits

      Swimwear for an Apple-shaped Body

      If you have an apple-shaped body, you'll want to look for swimwear that accentuates your curves and get you a good coverage. Look for swimsuits with high-waisted bottoms and tops with padding or ruffles to create curves. Avoid straight-cut suits and anything too tight or revealing.

      Here are a few of our favorite swimsuits for apple-shaped bodies:

      • The high-waisted bikini bottom is a great choice for accentuating your curves and providing good coverage.
      • The one-piece swimsuit is a classic style that will always look good. Look for a style with curves and details to help enhance your figure.
      • The wrap-around swimsuit is a great choice for apple-shaped bodies, as it provides good coverage and hugs your curves.
      • The tankini top is a good choice for apple-shaped bodies, as it has a high waist and provides good coverage. Look for a top with ruffles or details to create curves.
      • The skirted bikini bottom is a great choice for disguising your tummy and creating curves.

      Celebrities with Apple-shaped Body Type

      Here is a list of a few renowned apple body shape celebrities:

      • Amy Schumer
      • Kate Winslet
      • Shonda Rhimes
      • Missy Elliott
      • Melissa Mccarthy
      • Queen Latifah
      • Marietta Sangai Sirleaf
      • Adele

      Outfit Ideas for Apple Shaped Body

      Here are a few suggestions for apple body shape outfits for various occasions.

      Everyday Outfit

      Casual and loose-fit clothes are easier to carry. Since apple-shaped body women are top-heavy, they have little to no waist definition, and therefore an ideal everyday outfit for them would be something that highlights their curves without trying too hard.

      Here is a few everyday outfit styles ideal for this body type:

      • Peplum top
      • Skinny jeans
      • Pointy toe shoes

      Working Outfit

      Working outfit is most likely to be something that takes attention away from the midsection. An open-front jacket will avoid unnecessary bulk show and straight pants will be a perfect fit to make it seem formal and appropriate for work.

      • Open-front jacket
      • Straight-leg pants
      • Pointy-toe shoes

      Going Out

      Going out outfits may simply be dresses that are a little fitted from the bust and looser from the midsection, but define the waist. A hemline would also draw more attention to the legs, making them more appealing.

      • Wrap dress
      • Statement rings
      • Heeled sandals


      This was my guide on how to dress an apple shaped body. I know that it may seem cheesy, it is true that all forms and sizes are beautiful. No matter what your body shape, there's an Apple-shaped style out there for you! With some simple tips and tricks. 

      You can learn how to dress an apple body shape in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful. So don't be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find the perfect one for you. And remember, always be true to yourself!

      If you have a different body type, be it pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, or something in between, you might find our guide on how to dress your body type helpful.

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