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10 Boho Outfits Ideas when Staying at Home

10 Boho Outfits Ideas when Staying at Home

 Everyday clothing sounds like a struggle. Not anymore! The beauty of boho clothes is that they are incredibly flexible, and you can put your spin on them, depending on what you enjoy wearing. Boho outfits for staying at home are ideal for a put-together look.

Allowing yourself to take pleasure in clothing can also be a lifeline when staying home. Bohemian is the secret to looking chic, classy, and elegant while feeling your best at home. It’s all about the flowy fabric and loosely fitted clothing with extra stretch and comfort, whether behind your laptop or curled up on a couch to watch your favorite show.

10 Ideas for Staying Stylish at Home with Bohemian Clothes

Calling all home birds: We’ve got all the boho outfits for home to keep you super comfy and look unreal. With endless options for chic women who want to bring cool vibes only, we’ve gathered some great tips for staying stylish at home with a boho dress.

Look ahead for 10 boho outfits that are presentable enough for any type of encounter.

A. Feel Comfortable at Home with Boho Mini Dresses

You don’t have to leave the house to get a little dressed up and feel confident about your fashion style. Boho dresses are full of styles and look that make you look sophisticated and stylish even around the house while you clean or just lounge.

A mini boho dress is perfect for a warm day, with elastic stretches for comfort to stay comfy all day long. It’s all about the little details, such as a ruffled hem, floral prints, sheer overlay, or deep V-neck. Liven up your mood with mini dresses without being restrictive.

1. Casual Floral Print Boho Mini Dress

Casual Floral Print Boho Mini Dress


Treat yourself to the floral boho mini dress to stay cozy and cute. Channel the bohemian vibes with chic and pretty mini dresses for a romantic vibe in a minimalist way. A lightweight boho dress with a smocked bodice and floral pattern is absolutely stunning for a staying-at-home bohemian look.

2. Sleeveless Red Boho Button-Down Mini Dress

Sleeveless Boho Button Down Mini Dress


If you’re looking for a one-piece to throw on and look put together, the Sleeveless Red Boho Button Down Mini Dress is for you. The loosely-fitted dress with stretchy fabric and a sweet scoop neck is super comfy and soft, and you’ll want to grab it as your new favorite.

B. Look Gorgeous at Home with Bohemian Maxi Dress

The bohemian maxi dress alone gives you a million options to keep up with the elegant bohemian vibe. Cool and subtly sophisticated, maxi dresses capture the essence of comfort and style in a single flowy piece to add fun to your stay-at-home look. Incredibly versatile boho-chic maxis are perfect breezy-meets-pulled-together piece that looks flattering on all body types.

The Boho maxi dress lays perfectly with delicate ditsy floral patterns, detailed ruched charm, neutral shades, and vintage style to prepare you for anything the day brings. They add glamour to your everyday casual outfit with ankle-gazing length and truly bohemian rhapsody.

3. Pink Boho Smocked Waist Maxi Dress

Pink Boho Smocked Waist Maxi Dress


Reinvigorating the look, the bohemian free-flowing maxi dresses in dark hues and summery shades offer all the practical reasons to become your closet go-to for stay at home look. Show off your bodily curves in a pink boho-smocked waist maxi dress or a white boho maxi skirt that is long, lightweight, and perfect for feeling stylish while staying cozy at home with ultra-soft fabric.

4. Bohemian Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

Bohemian Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress


The best feature of flutter sleeves is that they are flattering on several body types, with the right width to balance the figure. For a relaxed feel around the house, the bohemian flutter sleeve maxi dress like a yellow bohemian dress flows with you when you walk, clean, or run errands. It gives you the comfort to twirl around the house all day.

C. Classy Look at Home with Bohemian Kimonos

Simple, comfortable, stylish, and creative, the boho Kimono is a true bohemian delight. Be the bohemian queen of your house with a stylish kimono wrapped around your body. Meticulously crafted kimonos are a fashion statement that has ebbed and flowed with the tides of history.

One piece is all it takes to elevate the look. Jazz up bohemian dresses for staying at home with an unstructured and lightweight kimono to give your look a little more personality. These are stunning pieces for everyday comfort and cool with low-maintenance practicality and versatility.

5. Short Sleeve Bohemian Kimono

Short Sleeve Bohemian Kimono


short sleeve bohemian kimono is the answer for a playful and stand-out option. These are designed to take you effortlessly from day to night without scarifying style. The generous, loosely-fitted kimono are breathable, timeless, and a no-brainer option for a relaxed look.

6. Long Sleeve Bohemian Kimono

Long Sleeves Bohemian Kimono


Add a luxe touch with long sleeve bohemian kimono for a retro-cool look to any boho outfit. When you’re cozying up at home, the kimono adds warmth with brilliant layering and even belts for a hint of derring-do. With such a propensity to keep changing looks, kimonos are great trans-seasonal wardrobe essentials.

D. Everyday Casual Chic Look with Boho Bottoms

If you prefer a looser, more relaxed fit look, then boho skirts are right up your alley. Its details include ruffled edges, pleated hem, and an elastic waist that complete the look when paired with a solid top for a casual stay-at-home boho look.

Feast your eyes with gloriously pretty boho skirts in beautifully bright and colorful looks to add richness to your style for optimal comfort. There are different types of boho skirts that you can style for a chic and casual look while highlighting your feminine curves.

7. Boho Floral Maxi Skirt

Boho Floral Maxi Skirt


The long drawstring waist on a boho skirt makes you feel like the free-spirited gypsy you always aspire to be. A boho floral maxi skirt adds fun and flares with a fitted waist and ruched detail for a more flattering look. The vibrant blossoms print spruce up your look and add charm to elevate the mood.

8. Boho Tiered Midi Skirt

Boho Tiered Midi Skirt


The tired design, with fit and flare shape, accentuates the waist, finishing at the ankle, making it perfect for dressing up casually and smartly. You can easily pair a boho-tiered midi skirt with a plain crop top or t-shirt for an easygoing stay-at-home look. Add a touch of femininity and grace with an A-line silhouette that brings a breezy feel.

E. Looking for Bohemian Tops That Are Stylish & Comfortable?

Breezy, effortless, and comfortable are words that come to mind when we think about bohemian tops. Classic and chic boho tops are great options to be paired with denim jeans for everyday style. A V-neck top that elegantly highlights your chest, or an elastic sleeve band that accentuates the look, can keep you comfortable in all situations at home.

Whether you prefer something sleek, upscale, or casual, boho tops are versatile when it's about finding the right balance between comfort and individuality. Freedom and flexibility are two key features that top offer to spice up your look on solid-colored cotton pants or ripped jeans.

9. Boho Cable-Knit Sleeveless Fringe Top

Boho Cable-Knit Sleeveless Fringe Top


Sleeveless knits are a must-have, and you must know how to look stylish at home with bohemian-style tops. Cozy up for a cool season with a boho cable-knit sleeveless fringe top that gives you the right balance of warmth for an easy stay-at-home look. Nothing’s classier than a minimalist sleeveless style to show some skin while maintaining warmness.

10. Floral Crochet V-Neck Bohemian Top

Floral Crochet V-Neck Bohemian Top


There are no rules to capture the retro-whimsy look for a vintage look and feel. You can opt for a floral crochet V-neck bohemian top for a form-fitting and elegant style that feels feminine. Opt for straight jeans or printed bohemian bottom to complete the look. 

Can’t Resist a Bohemian Stay-at-Home Look?

The free-spirited bohemian look is meant to be glamorous and elegant yet comfortable for a stay-at-home look. When looking for Boho outfits for staying at home, you need to curate a wardrobe with your favorite staples that you can wear any day and feel mesmerized at home with the bohemian feel.

You can also follow the bohemian fashion style guide to find looks that suit your body type and makes you feel relaxed all-time at home. Bohemian fashion doesn’t come with strict rules, and you can easily follow your boho instinct to create your stay-at-home look.

Suppose you strive to achieve an artisanal look and bohemian feel. In that case, Elise Stories offer you a wide selection of outfits that can be effortlessly incorporated into your wardrobe for different occasions and events. Eclectic and classy, let your free-spirit fly, and try some great boho-chic pieces.

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