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16 Types of Boho Skirts

16 Types of Boho Skirts


Unlike countless other trends, Bohemian fashion has always been a mainstay over the years. Boho skirts are a sophisticated and versatile wardrobe staple that you can wear all year round for different occasions and seasons.

It is a fashion style that combines hippie and bohemian echoes to create a modern touch of boho-inspired clothing. Boho skirts are tempting for non-conformist women who truly want to represent their carefree and cheerful style.

From a loosely fitted flowy skirt to a patchwork maxi skirt, bohemian clothes for women can be styled in a versatile way. The key is to experiment with different ensembles and pair them with trendy boho-chic skirts.

We know there are literally so many types of boho skirts, so to create ease, we have picked some of the most popular bohemian skirt types that evoke nature and free-spirited women.

Let’s get started.

16 Different Types of Boho Skirts

Boho skirts are all the rage this season and for good reason! There are so many different styles and options to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

In this post, we'll take a look at some of the most popular types of boho skirts and what makes them so special. Whether you're looking for something casual or dressy, we've got you covered! So read on to discover your perfect boho skirt style.

1 - A-Line Mini Boho Skirt

An A-Line mini skirt sits just above your hips and flares out, regardless of a cinched waist. Our A-Line Boho Mini Skirt echoes the shape of a capital letter A, with a flattering fit at the waist showing off your sexy legs.

2 - Asymmetrical Boho Skirt

An asymmetrical boho skirt has a longer cut on one side than the other, creating a high-low hem that is higher in the front than in the back. Our best-selling Stella Wrap Boho Skirt with an asymmetrical cut is a versatile piece of clothing that accentuate your beautiful legs and make you appear fuller and fabulous.

3 - Denim Boho Skirt

A denim boho skirt is made from a sturdy diagonal ribbed patterned material that covers the wearer from the waist downwards. Boho denim skirts are a timeless piece of feminine and flirtatious impression that gives you a relaxed look every day.

4 - Drawstring Boho Skirt

A drawstring boho skirt comes with a string or cord casing through eyelets that can tighten or loosen the hem from the front. These kinds of boho-chic skirts for women make you look energetic and strike a balance between delicate and tough.

5 - Flowy Midi Boho Skirt

A flowy boho skirt is a piece of clothing with a hemline that falls below the knee to the mid-calf. Our exclusive Amanda Flowy Boho Midi Skirt enhances and elongates your lower body with an extra flare that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

6 - Joob Joob Boho Skirt

A joob joob boho skirt for women is a loose, flowing, and light piece of clothing that is smocked from the hip area and made from a stretchy and woven fabric. These types of boho-chic skirts give you an effortlessly cool look with great styling potential for a fun and casual occasion.

7 - Long Boho Skirt

A long boho skirt extends downwards from the waist, ending below the middle of the calf but above the ankle. Our Nova Long Boho Skirt is a mesmerizing piece of clothing that gives an ultra-modern look and alluring style to your personality.

8 - Maxi Boho Skirt

A maxi boho skirt is made from a flowy fabric that sits on your waist with a fitted look and flows down slightly below the ankle. This type of skirt boasts flattering patterns and prints, making it perfect for backyard barbecues. Our Natalie Boho Maxi Skirt has a flattering A-Line silhouette and playful ruffles that add an extra bohemian flair to your style.

9 - Midi Boho Skirt

A midi boho skirt is fitted from the waist and extends to the middle of the calf, just a couple of inches below the knees or a few inches above the ankle. Our Red Boho Midi Skirt with an elastic waistband and insanely flattering hemline is one of the most sought-after boho-chic skirts for women.

10 - Mini Boho Skirt

A mini boho skirt has a hemline that sits mid-thigh, a little above the knee. Usually, mini skirts are 10 to 20 inches long below the buttocks. Our Jasmine Boho Mini Skirt makes your leg appear longer, slimmer, and sexy with its flowy yet sleek appeal.

11 - Patchwork Boho Skirt

A patchwork boho skirt is made from different pieces of cloth that are sewn together in a square, triangle, hexagon, or other shapes, by hand or machine as a single unit. Patchwork bohemian skirts are the essence of the gypsy spirit with vibrant colours and rich tones.

12 - Ruffled Boho Skirt

A ruffle boho skirt has a decorative frill, flounce or furbelow stitched together with the cloth to create a trim on the edges or in between. Our Eleanor White Boho Skirt adds an easy bohemian feel to your fashion game with preppy ruffles on the edges of the hem further highlighting the look.

13 - Tie and Dye Boho Skirt

A tie-dye boho skirt is made from fabric or yarn that is absorbed in different colours of dye to create a unique look by crumpling or twisting the cloth with a string or rubber band. The bright colours of the tie-dye boho-chic skirt for women give a unique nuance to your personality.

14 - Tiered Boho Skirt

A tiered boho skirt has many layers attached at the hemline and divided by stitching. These kinds of boho skirts for women have identical fabrics layered together to appear as tiered. Tiered boho skirts are ideal for beach parties and festivals.

15 - Tribal Boho Maxi Skirt

A tribal boho skirt is made from thick raw cotton fabric that covers most of the body with vintage-inspired patterns and prints. These types of boho-chic skirts are unstructured, flowy, and have vibrant eye-catching prints that are true to Bohemian style.

16 - Wrap Boho Skirt

A wrap boho skirt is a figure-hugging clothing with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the waist. Our Bohemian Ruffle Wrap Skirt is an ultra-flattering and subtly sexy silhouette with a voluminous feel.

Boho-Chic Skirts Reigned Supreme this Season!

This season, look no further than the bohemian style trends for inspiration. These laid-back ensembles are perfect if you want to keep things casual but still feel like a pro in your wardrobe!

While there are many different types of boho skirts, the key to pulling off this look is to keep the styling simple and let the skirt do all of the talking. By pairing a boho skirt with a plain white tee or tank top, you can create a look that is both stylish and comfortable. What’s your favourite way to style a boho skirt?

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