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How to Style Western Boho Outfits

How to Style Western Boho Outfits

What Is Western Boho Fashion?

Fashion is constantly reinventing itself, and this season it’s all about western boho chic. From designer runways to pop star couture, the free-spirited bohemian look has taken over for an effortless yet stylish athleisure vibe.

Western boho is the perfect blend of femininity and style mixed with western and bohemian fashion. From wildflower-printed tops to flowing sundresses paired with wide-brimmed hats, this trend has taken over! Not only does it draw from natural fabrics for a cozy look, but its neutral tones are spiced up by retro patterns in warm colors - making sure you stand out no matter where your day takes you!

With so many ideas on how to style western boho outfits, boho fashion is more about romantic appearance and a nomadic way of living, a free-spirited style that doesn’t follow trends but sets its own and embraces them in all aspects. Boho clothes combine style elements that are relaxed, bold, and unconventional with a mix of different textures and colors.

7 Best Western Bohemian Outfit Ideas You'll Love

Make a statement with Western boho fashion that mixes free-flowing silhouettes and modern accessories. Capture vintage vibes in puffed sleeve dresses, geometric jackets, and paisley tops - all complemented by flattering jeans or flared bohemian pants for maximum impact. Complete the look with plenty of jewelry layers, from timeless chain necklaces to unique bracelet stacks!

Given the boho fashion, it is important to remember that small detail can make all the difference in adding extra comfort and style. Western boho dresses are reminiscent of the free-spirited hippie, with a touch of neutral boho flair, creating a rustic look for an overall sophisticated style that complements your personality. Like any eclectic, western boho look can be created using interesting and unique pieces of clothing.

Now that you know what western boho fashion is let’s explore different outfit ideas to incorporate into your everyday clothing.

1. Boho Kimonos

Long sleeves Bohemian Kimono


Earthy textures with glamorous ones work together perfectly to create a mystifying western boho kimono style that is comfortable yet stylish. The unstructured shape, neutral colors, and luxe feel truly scream boho chic and will turn heads the moment you wear it.

Layering a Long Sleeves Bohemian Kimono seamlessly brings warmth to everyday outfits. Kimonos allow more flexibility to play around with layering, textures, and a pared-back look. With modern sensibilities and a carefree style, western boho kimonos are eclectic and interesting.

As boho style allows you to express your preferences fully, you can easily pair different statement jewelry pieces such as wristbands, chandelier earrings, and vintage stone chains to accentuate the look further. Moreover, sling tote bags or shell-stoned beaded clutches are great options to create a truly western boho look.

2. Boho Tops

Boho Casual Tie Neck Top

Soothe the senses with warm neutrals and paisley prints for a minimalist western boho top style. While minimalism doesn’t equate to all-white, you can surely add a pop of bright color tones and clean-line textured tops that can be paired with boho-chic skirts and pants.

A few statement pieces, such as Boho Casual Tie Neck Top, add character and a splash of hues to create depth in your personality. Boho tops come in many unique styles that play off the body shape with intimate lace designs, drawstring sides, and a ruched bodice.

Boho tops can be paired with multi-layer beaded bracelets, tassel bangles, and gold chains. You can opt for a cross-body round rattan straw bohemian bag that can transit from a day out with friends to evening parties, with enough space to keep all essentials.

3. Boho Flares/Pants

You can always wear pants if you’re not the type to wear skirts. Western boho fashion mirrors style that you can truly make your own with a sense of fun and creativity. Boho fashion continues to up the ante with creative upgrades to classic staples, making way for a western spin on boho pants. Bohemian pant styles have many variations, from eye-catching prints to maxi flowers, ethnic textures, and flowy fabrics.

You can’t wear western boho pants without fringes, leather, and rustic prints. Even the unstructured silhouettes of western style flared bottoms, and chic look serve the relaxed bohemian vibe. However, if you prefer a more feminine option, you can go for a white boho maxi skirt. This versatile piece can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion.

4. Boho Hats

Fame Flat Brim Boho Chic Hat


Western boho fashion ideas include dresses, tops, and band skirts. Designed to be the perfect stand-out accessory, boho hats are set to add an edge to any boho outfit. Whether a bouquet of dried roses on a grosgrain and leather band frames or romantic straw hats, these timeless boho hats come in different shapes and designs to complement your outfit.

A classic fedora hat is an ever-loving piece with a bold and daring black felt for those who love to express their love for boho. You'll be holding onto a single feather boho hat for a lifetime, with its perfectly crafted brim with a crescent moon cut. You can celebrate your adventurous soul with a twine band, and floral burn on a taupe felt.

5. Boho Mini Dress

Balloon Sleeve Bohemian Mini Dress

Unlike the countless other trends that have swept through the fashion world, boho dresses have been a forever mainstay. From a go-to luxurious to vibrant options, boho mini dresses are an all-season staple. An all-time favorite, Balloon Sleeve Bohemian Mini Dress is destined for the dance floor and is the most party-worth piece you can have in your capsule wardrobe.

Swiftly followed by a smattering of striped cap-sleeve, boho mini dresses with little details on the hem amplify the look and do not stick to your body to give your structured look. Combing boho with western, a floral form-hugging fit mini dress adds an incredibly modern touch of femininity to your style.

For a more daring look, a yellow bohemian dress can be the perfect choice. However, if you prefer not to tempt fate by showing off your legs, you can wear sheer black tights under a mini dress for extra coverage and warmth. The overall look can be further elongated with long dazzling stone pendants, pearl earrings, and diamante rings. Keep your hands free to hold a cocktail with a sleek sequin cross-body boho clutch.

6. Bohemian Jewelry

Accessorize your look with a touch of sparkle! Jewelry is the perfect addition to add vibrancy and personality to any outfit, making you shine in all the right places. Timepieces and classic contemporary bohemian gold chains are staples that may look simple yet create the most impact when paired with the right outfit.

Enhance your boho clothes with modern pearl jewelry, and seek out lustrous dangle earrings to add a modern charm that will complement your personality. Delicate yet stacked, boho bracelets will add a gleaming accent to the wrist. There are plenty full of mood-lifting jewelry pieces that can give boho western wear ideas, meaningful symbolism, and antique charm.

7. Boho Chic Blouse

Boho Chic Blouse


It can be plain, printed, soft, or loosely fitted; there is no doubt boho chic blouse is the star. With so many iterations by fashion designers, the puff and long butterfly sleeves give a soupcon of femininity. Whether it is broderie trims at the edges, button placket, or plunging neckline, blouses are constructed to highlight your feminine side.

The well-considered details of the Boho Chic Lace Blouse make you look sexy when you wear it. Crafted with lightweight fabric, boho blouses work well when layered under your jackets or as a stand-out piece on cotton pants. They look flattering on different body types and speak elegance, simplicity, and sophistication, adding confidence and coolness.

Western Meets Boho

Collaborative designs and the inclusion of western with bohemian style have injected some wiggle into the fashion world. Wising up the fact, the creative mix of boho western chic style has integrated deliberated shift in fashion for a wide sociocultural acceptance.

The quintessential modest aesthetics of bohemian fashion are popping up worldwide with mainstream western fashion. You can always explore the Bohemian Fashion Style Guide to get a detailed insight into western boho fashion ideas and uncover inspirational outfits for different occasions. The western boho style is taking over the fashion world with its romantic and chic affair loft.

We hope you enjoyed our style guide on how to style western boho outfits. Find yourself a sophisticated bohemian dress at Elise Stories to create a sense of fun and exoticism through your outfits. It’ll come as no surprise that you’ll immediately fall for the rustic, flowy, and modern Bohemian style!

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