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How to Wear Boho Jumpsuit – Simple Styling Tips

How to Wear Boho Jumpsuit – Simple Styling Tips

Rocking a boho jumpsuit is the perfect way to look stylish without overthinking it. This easy one-piece gets you out of the house looking chic and effortless in just minutes!

Jumpsuits are the perfect blend of fashion and function - they make getting ready for any occasion effortless! These utility-inspired boho clothes flatter all shapes, creating an effortlessly chic look that's great for workdays and special events.

Combine comfort with style, and try a fun jumpsuit this season! From textured fabrics to playful prints, there's something for everyone in the latest trends.

If you’re keen to rock the current boho-chic trend, then we've got just what you need - our expert styling tips on how to wear boho jumpsuit are sure to get your look on point!

Let’s get started.

How to Wear Boho Jumpsuit – Simple Styling Tips

Jumpsuits can be a daunting wardrobe choice, but with the right style and accessorizing, you can bring any look from casual chic to street-style star to life. 

Follow our guide for tips on creating an unforgettable boho jumpsuit ensemble guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Find Your Perfect Fit With Your Body Type

Easy to wear and combine, bohemian jumpsuits come as the perfect choice, regardless of your body type. Embrace the hassle-free boho outfit that makes being ready as easy as without wearing a dress.

Who doesn’t love a piece you can literally throw and go? Whether you’re a pear body shape, rounded, rectangle, or apple, jumpsuits are practical and stylish for anyone’s closet. You just need to explore different ways to wear a boho jumpsuit that elevates your style and adds elegance to your personality.

2. Boho Accessories With Bohemian Jumpsuit

Amp your look in a bohemian jumpsuit with some accessories for a style statement and a complete look. Style your jumpsuit with boho boots, earrings, hats, and belts that complement your outfit. 

a. The Belt

A belt can act as a statement piece to make your boho jumpsuit stand out while accentuating your waistline beautifully. Cinching your jumpsuit is a great way to add femininity and highlight your bodily curves. Without doing much, you can easily dress up for a formal event with a leather belt or make it look funky with a colored belt for a casual occasion.

b. The Boho Boots

Boho boots are vintage-celebrating aesthetics that reflect free-spiritedness and add much-needed elegance to your style. Aside from their functionality, ankle-length boots make jumpsuits effortlessly chic.

Whatever the shape or style – a black leather combat boot is a showstopper that elongates your jumpsuit. The classic Chelsea boots are the perfect choice if you’ve many miles ahead of you and want to keep your feet toasty.

With some extra inches to your everyday jumpsuit, boho boots are a subtle enough way to flex your style. A brown leather boot gives you an edgy but sophisticated appearance when paired with a neutral-colored jumpsuit.

c.The Boho Hats

Boho hats are a must-have that adds character and enhances your personality. A wide-brim floppy hat is the ultimate accessory for your printed causal boho jumpsuits. While a fedora hat with a feather or flower bunch goes well for an outdoor event.

For a trendy yet formal look, you can wear a boater hat with a simple border and ribbon band complementing your well-structured jumpsuit. Panama is a bohemian elegance that gives off a retro-vintage vibe like no other.

d. The Boho Jewelry

Jewelry that matches the occasion and complements your jumpsuit is the ideal choice. Make sure you consider where you’re going, whether a casual or formal event, before deciding on the jewelry for your jumpsuit.

Boho jewelry for casual occasions includes fringed earrings and beaded necklaces. For formal events, you can put on stone-studded loop earrings, gold chains, and pendant sets. As a bohemian fashionista, you can mix and match elements that best suit your outfit.

3. Boho Jumpsuit for Evening Wear

Since boho jumpsuits are more classy and chic, they can be worn as evening wear with gold accessories and a dainty handbag. Add dimension to your jumpsuit by adding a retro-inspired bohemian patchwork jacket or leather blazer to give it some more personality.

Exuding a modern feel to bohemian fashion, jumpsuits provide a colorful jolt to style statement. A dazzling layered chain will let your jumpsuit shine and drive focus up to get the heads turned as you walk around each step. 

4. Boho Jumpsuit for Vacation or Holidays

The versatile, one-done, gauzy number has the effortless vibe you want on your holidays. Whether you opt for a puffed sleeve or stretchy smocked bodice, boho jumpsuits are just so on point. You can pair it with chunky bohemian cardigans for extra warmth on cooler days.

A relaxed linen or jersey jumpsuit is the ultimate ‘throw on and go’ outfit style for a complete look effortlessly. Styling a boho chic jumpsuit with feminine floral prints is a classic choice to make a statement with a straw clutch and causal espadrilles to move around the city and explore while holidaying.

5. If You are 50 Over – Try a Boho Jumpsuit!

Channel a retro-aesthetic vibe in a trim-edged, frill-detail jumpsuit in your 50s. Black, beige or neutral shade, bohemian clothes revel pure joy and encourage self-expression without restraint, manifesting a stand-out-statement even in your 50s.      

Swap your go-to sweatshirt and joggers for a more put-together and feminine look in undeniably comfy and lightweight jumpsuits. Making it an instant winner for women in their 50s, styling a boho jumpsuit makes you look super-flattering and ideal for older women.

6. Perfect for Tall Women

Boho jumpsuits are one-piece outfits that look effortlessly flattered on a taller body frame. Beautifully proportioned jumpsuits with volume sleeves and V-necklines give tall women a sleek and stylish look.

A denim jumpsuit with inseam length looks especially flattering for tall women like no other piece is needed to make you feel put together. Definitely, a statement piece for your height, a retro-shaded and grained textured boho jumpsuit is a great choice for lounging more casually.

7. Looks Gorgeous on Women With Thin Figures

A slim-fit bohemian jumpsuit is perfect for bringing out your upper body and flattering your thin form. You can go retro to modern in a jiffy with jumpsuits, cinched sleeves, and vertical stripes.

Styling a boho chic jumpsuit with a belt around the waist is the perfect accessory to accentuate curves when you have a slender waistline. Pair your outfit with a leather wrap gladiator sandal to achieve a sophisticated look.

8. Best for Workplace

Getting dressed for work shouldn't be boring if you’re back in the office after the holidays. You’re sure to receive many ‘wow’ reactions in a short-sleeved cinched waist jumpsuit with a low-key look for work.

The neutral tone palette is fantastic with white, ecru, and all the warm hues to create a well-structured style for work. You can add a little volume to your shoulders with puff-sleeved jumpsuits and embossed pockets. Finish off your look with a little stone earring or dull-gold bracelet.

9. For a Night Out

Festive options abound, strapless silhouettes, bold colors, textured fabric, and unique designs – boho jumpsuits are your go-to night-out style. Weekend parties call for an effortless feel, and nothing other than jumpsuits accomplishes the style. With so many choices to resonate with your mood, you’re sure to get a piece you can rely on.

From sparkly sequins to solid-colored chic pieces, glam detailing on boho jumpsuits instantly elevates your look for the party season. Pair it with a chunky fringed clutch and gold heels to give a cool boho vibe.

10. Try if You Are Full-Figured

Even if your body is a little rounder and heavier than before, you can still rock a jumpsuit. Opt for boho jumpsuits in a stiffer fabric that skims over your curves, has a wide leg, and a tie-waist to accentuate your waistline.

A chic floral printed jumpsuit looks amazing on a fuller body shape. You dress up a bohemian jumpsuit with a long sleeve bohemian kimono to add flow. Don’t forget to pair it with strappy heels or ankle-length boots to elongate the body shape for a slender look.

Rock Your Jumpsuit & Thank Us Later!

The perfect blend of style and elegance, jumpsuits add another level of the spectrum to boho fashion. Transform your wardrobe with effortless elegance by slipping on a bohemian jumpsuit! This timeless statement piece is perfect for all-day hours and adds sophistication to any ensemble.

If you’re new and don’t know how to wear boho jumpsuit, styling a boho chic jumpsuit becomes easier with a bohemian style guide. You can make a complete look for your next event or day out with just one piece.

Explore Elise stories! We’ve got the latest collection of bohemian outfits to keep you looking jazzy and snazzy for all your upcoming events.

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