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35+ Different Types of Mini Dresses

35+ Different Types of Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are one of the most popular styles for women to wear these days. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs but what they have in common is that you will be standing out amongst everyone else with your own personal style.

As the weather starts to warm up, mini dresses become a popular choice for clothing. There are so many different types of mini dresses available, and each one has its own unique style.

Whether you're looking for a casual dress to wear to the park or something more formal for a special occasion, there's definitely a mini dress out there that will suit your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of mini dresses and find out which one is right for you!

35+ Different Kinds of Mini Dresses

When it comes to fashion, there is nothing quite as versatile as the mini dress. They come in a variety of styles, from flowy and bohemian to bodycon and wrapped. Here is a guide to the different types of mini dresses, to help you find the perfect one for your next event.

1 - Back Buttoned Mini Dress

A back-buttoned mini dress has a placket at the back of the outfit with buttons on it. Back buttons make the back closure noticeable and preppy. Our Natalie White Boho Mini Dress is a true reflection of the free-spirited and confident woman.

2 - Backless Mini Dress

A backless mini dress shows off the wearer’s back completely. These types of mini dresses usually have wide shoulder straps. Our Backless Mini Beach Dress is the perfect outfit to highlight your body around the summertime.

3 - Bandage Mini Dress

A bandage mini dress is a skinny-fit outfit made from a stretchy fabric that appears to be wrapped tightly around the body. A figure-hugging bandage mini dress gives a distinct feel that accentuates the body shape.

4 - Ball Gown Mini Dress

A ball gown mini dress is made of luxurious fabric, delicately trimmed with decollete necklines. These types of mini dresses come with different shoulder cuts and are known as evening dresses. They’re perfect to obtain a slinky, sophisticated, and voluminous look.

5 - Batwing Mini Dress

A batwing mini dress has long sleeves that cut wide at the shoulders with deep armholes and tapered wrists, giving a wing-like look. Our latest Floral Print Yellow Boho Dress is perfect to show off your sexy legs.

6 - Blazer Mini Dress

A blazer mini dress resembles a formal jacket and suit, with a more casual cut. Blazer mini dresses flare down in an A shape, fitted from the shoulders and bust. These types of mini dresses highlight your waist and help you achieve an ultimate bold look.

7 - Belted Mini Dress

A belted mini dress comes with a contrasting fabric or leather belt. The belt is inserted into the belted loops that are attached to the outfit. These types of mini dresses accentuate your beautiful waist and body shape.

8 - Bell Sleeved Mini Dress

A bell-sleeved mini dress has long sleeves that hang from the shoulder and upper arm, flaring out to the wrist with a shape reminiscent of a bell. These types of mini dresses have no pleats and are usually smooth sliding into the armscye that flares towards the bottom.

9 - Cut Out Mini Dress

A cut-out mini dress has a glamorous cut that pops out at the shoulder, near the collarbone, or even below the shoulders. These mini dresses are perfect to wear in-between spring and summer seasons.

10 - Choker Mini Dress

A choker mini dress is a style that resembles a necklace that wraps closely around the neck. These neck-hugging mini dresses are the new wave of popularity, appearing in couture runaways to fashion-world parties.

11 - Drawstring Mini Dress

A drawstring mini dress has a cord or string inserted into hems or laced through eyelets to fasten or make it tighter, controlling the fullness of the outfit. Our Gina Sexy Mini Dress has strings attached to cinch up the fabric, and tie knots at both ends.

12 - Embroidered Mini Dress

An embroidered mini dress boast decorative hand or machine embroidery with floral patterns directly made on the outfit. Our Tonia Black Mini Boho Dress has an A-line silhouette with embroidered patterns that add up to the charm of the outfit.

13 - Floral Mini Dress

A floral mini dress is designed with printed flowers or embossed patterns on it. These types of mini dresses are ideal to flaunt your body in a fresh floral outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. Our Monica Mini Floral Dress with a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice symbolises spring, the bloom, and beauty of floral patterns.

14 - Frill Mini Dress

A frill mini dress has a lot of frills on them that can include lacy, decorative, or ruffled clothing. Frills are made from a piece of clothing that are pleated together to make the dress more prominent. Our exclusive Amanda Short Boho Dress is the perfect mix of fun and flouncy design with just the right amount of pleated frills.

15 - Halter Mini Dress

A halter mini dress has a strap of clothing that runs around the neck, leaving the back uncovered. The strap is attached to the bodice and extends down from the front. Our Gianna Sexy Backless Mini Dress comes with the perfect halter neckline that delicately highlights your curves.

16 - High Neck Mini Dress

A high-neck mini dress has a neck that sits at the nape of the neck and closely fitted collars that wrap around the neck itself. These types of mini dresses also resemble turtlenecks that frame the length of your neck and make you look exquisite.

17 - Lace Mini Dress

A lace mini dress is made from a delicate and intricate piece of cloth with a lot of holes that are finely threaded to form different patterns. Our delicate Lace White Boho Mini Dress comes with a beautiful lace detailing with applique and holes.

18 - Layered Mini Dress

A layered mini dress features different layers with pleated and flared intricate pieces of clothing. Our Laura Green Boho Dress with flared and pleated design boast a blend of soft and breathable fabrics.

19 - Long Sleeve Mini Dress

A long sleeve mini dress has sleeves that extends from shoulder to waist. Our Blooms Long Sleeve Boho Mini Dress has an intricate self-pattern and elastic cuffs. These types of mini dresses are the best to look stylish during the summer holidays.

20 - Mock Neck Mini Dress

A mock neck mini dress covers most of the neck but doesn’t have layers of clothes around the neck. A mock neckline is closely fitted with collars that don’t not fold. We’re adding mock neck mini dresses to our collection pretty soon. Meanwhile, check out our collection of stylish and feminine mini dresses.

21 - Net Mini Dress

A net mini dress has yarn threads that are knotted, threaded, or stranded together to create a delicate sheer fabric. Our new-in Madison Lace White Boho Dress is made with a softer tulle material that is breathable, flexible, and patterned.

22 - Off Shoulder Boho Mini Dress

An off-shoulder boho mini dress features a neckline that does not cover the shoulder and sweeps across the chest above the bust. These types of dresses are perfect to show off your neck and shoulders.

23 - One Shoulder Mini Dress

One-shoulder mini dress covers only one shoulder and leaves the other uncovered. The bare shoulder can have a strap and the covered shoulder can have a long sleeve or left sleeveless varying on the style.

24 - Pencil Mini Dress

A pencil mini dress is a slim-fit, well-structured and fitted outfit with a narrow cut from the waist. These kinds of mini dresses give a long shape that looks like a pencil, and can be worn on different occasions.

25 - Polka Dot Mini Dress

A polka dot mini dress has large filled circles of the same sizes in a regular pattern on the fabric. Due to the specific dotted pattern, these mini dresses have been an ever-popular fashion choice for decades.

26 - Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

A puff sleeve mini dress has fabric gathered at the shoulder, pleated together in a cuff to create an inflated puffy effect. Our Willow Short Boho Dress has voluminous sleeves that extend down from the shoulder and are fitted at the forearm.

27 - Qipao Mini Dress

A qipao mini dress with a flawless style inspired from the Chinese heritage is a straight-bodice outfit with a standing collar and asymmetric slits. The edging slits are the main features of the qipao dress.

28 - Sequin Mini Dress

A sequin mini dress has shiny fabric, small sequins, and decorative embellishments on it. These types of mini dresses have sequins that are of soft and tulle material. Our Grace Sequin Cocktail Dress with sequin fabric is enough to turn heads at any event.

29 - Sheath Mini Dress

A sheath mini dress is closely fitted with a straight cut and nipped at the waistline with no seam. These types of mini dresses have a bodice that follows the body curves and enhances the feminine figure.

30 - Shift Mini Dress

A shift mini dress has a straight cut from the shoulder and has darts around the bust. These kinds of mini dresses usually have scoop or boat necks that form a tuck shape on the waist.

31 - Slip Mini Dress

A slip mini dress resembles an under-slip or camisole with a sheer or strap shoulder. This edgy and fabulously fashioned mini dress gives a romantic vibe and a glimpse of the body beneath.

32 - Sleeveless Mini Dress

A sleeveless mini dress has no sleeves, with a strap that wraps around the neck. Our Femme Sleeveless Boho Mini Dress has straps over the neck with no visible means of support from the shoulders. The deep V-neck shows off the cleavage creating a dreamy A-line silhouette.

33 - Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

A spaghetti strap mini dress is a type of women's dress that typically features thin straps and a short skirt. Our Madelyn Yellow Boho Dress has the perfect straps and lace details to keep you cool and breezy during the summers.

34 - Tie Knot Mini Dress

A tie knot mini dress has a piece of fabric that is tied on the front of the outfit as a fashion statement. These kinds of mini dresses are elegant and draw attention to the waist. These are best for formal occasions and out-door parties during the warm season.

35 - Strapless Mini Dress

There's something so effortlessly chic about a strapless mini dress. A strapless mini dress has no visible support over the neck or shoulder, perfect to show off your neck. Our Sonia Strapless Mini Boho Dress with fully embroidered bodice is a sexy and chic.

36 - Vintage Mini Dress

A vintage boho mini dress reflects the style and trends of 70s and 80s. They can be embroidered, printed or plain. Our Caroline Vintage Boho Mini Dress is the perfect fit for summer with cute puff sleeves and embroidered bodice.

37 - V-neck Mini Dress

A V-neck mini dress has a v-shaped neckline that looks stylish and elegant. Our most popular Cora Long Sleeve Boho Mini Dress has the most stunning details on the V-neckline with an A-line silhouette. These types of mini dresses are perfect for a casual day out with friends and lounge parties.

38 - Velvet Mini Dress

A velvet mini dress is a rich textural piece of clothing with a soft dense warp pile and upholstery fabric. Velvet is an ever-classy and elegant fabric that can be worn on different occasions.

39 - White Mini Dress

The classic white mini dress is designed to flatter the female form. It's usually made of a light, airy fabric like cotton or linen, and usually has a fitted bodice and flared skirt. Our Nina White Boho Mini Dress is designed to highlight the elegance in you with the sleek, modern, and stylish look that is sure to grab attention.

Mini Dresses to Flaunt This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to show off your curves in a mini dress. Mini dresses are flirty and fun, and they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. If you’re looking for a sexy look, try pairing your mini dress with high heels and a statement necklace.

This will add glamour and sophistication to your outfit. If you want something more casual, pair your mini with sandals or sneakers and a baseball cap or sun hat. This combination is perfect for a day at the beach or running errands around town.

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