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How to Style a Boho Cardigan?

How to Style a Boho Cardigan?

The Boho Cardigan is the perfect piece for your wardrobe, transcending from season to season. It is an outfit that will take you from looking like a total saggy mess to chic and ready for anything.

It’s time to step up and embrace your individuality with Boho Cardigans with creative and hippie vibes. A versatile Boho Cardigan is a must-have that you can wear around the year.

Boho Cardigans are a fashion standpoint that just adds that little extra warmth that you need to transition from an incredibly productive day to a laid-back lounge look.

There is something so carefree and boho about cardigans, don't you think? With the right styling, they can add a touch of cool-girl style to any outfit. So, if you're on the hunt for a new cardigan (or just want to refresh your current style), keep reading for tips on how to wear a boho cardigan!

How to Wear a Bohemian Cardigan? 7 Simple Ways

There are so many different cardigan styles to choose from, but the Bohemian style is definitely one of our favorites. This look is all about being creative and eclectic, and it's perfect for those who want to add a little bit of personality to their wardrobe. So, if you're wondering how to wear a Bohemian cardigan, keep reading for some tips!

1 - Casual Chunky Bohemian Cardigan and Ribbed Jeans

An eye-catching chunky wool boho cardigan with neutral hues is sure to turn heads when layered over a fitted crop top and ribbed denim pants. Add instant glam with thick gold hoop earrings for a cool and trendy touch.

Slip in a leather rolling beaded flat sandal with a sleek square toe to jazz up the bohemian vibe. Go for a Boho macramé tapestry tote bag with a supple and sophisticated feel.

2 - Channel Soft Girl Vibe With Sun-Kissed Boho Cardigan

Beautifully crafted sun-kissed cardigan, a perfect piece of clothing for spring/summer can be worn over laced top and denim shorts for a casual look. Add an instant boho sparkle with a vintage bohemian-inspired necklace made from metal, beads, and crystals.

Wear a pearl strappy flat sandal for a preppy bohemian vibe and go for an arch leather shoulder bag with fringes.

3 - Crochet Boho Cardigan on a Mini Dress

There’s no fashion disaster a bohemian chic cardigan can’t fix, especially a sun-kissed cardigan that makes layering easy with an edgy and feminine look over a mini dress.

For a more stylish look pair it up nicely by adding some feather tassels and delicate earrings, then top off the look with an opal stone necklace that will make you shine bright like stars at night. For a chic look, wear a classy boho leather handmade sandal and a dome cross-body bag.

4 - Geometric Patterned Long Cardigan With an All-Black Ensemble

When thinking of wearing your boho cardigan, breezy and comfortable long geometric patterned cardigans come to mind. Make up your aesthetic with a multi-colored geometric cardigan over solid black attire to add a little bohemian flair to your style.

Accessorize by wearing a black choker with a necklace with a beaded pendant. Round slingbacks are an ideal choice for this ensemble. If you aren’t keen on wearing heels, fret not, go for a timeless classic roman stud leather flatform sandal to complete the look.

5 - Hippie Boho Cardigan on Long Belted Skirt

Cardigans are the stylish accompaniment to long boho flowy skirts with a classic thick leather belt. You can easily dress it down for a date night or Friday casual lunches. Elevate your outfit with a delicate choker necklace with diamantes to add a little sparkle and glam.

Throw on some ankle boots for a super comfy feel and luxurious look. Liven up your bohemian look with a large shoulder bag boasting neutral hues.

6 - Multi-Colour Crochet Patchwork Boho Cardigan Over White Pants

The iconic bohemian patchwork crochet cardigan is an absolute must-have in your capsule wardrobe for a fresh feel and laid-back look. Layer it over a white fitted pant and crop top that enhances the delicate patchwork and accentuates the bohemian feel through carefree expression.

The gold-tone vintage boho-inspired delicate chain is perfect for layering over the neck with this ensemble. Chunky cross-over sandals are new go-to shoes for a super comfy and classic look. Tan leather long strap bag is an ideal choice for a modern look for everyday style.

7 - Street Style Boho-Chic Cardigan over Collared Shirt

Wearing your boho cardigan over a collared shirt gives a very chic look and adds the perfect balance to your body. You can easily pair it with a solid shirt and colored pants for a high-street fashion look.

Add a little shine to your ears with turquoise stud earrings and a long gold chain. Slip-on super comfortable and chic loafers that are enough to go from the office to dinner. A cream-colored chain detailed clutch bag can be paired with the attire for an easy day-to-night transition.

Stay Hippie With a Boho-Chic Cardigan!

Slay your next look with our tips on how to dress in a Boho-Chic Cardigan around the year. Try to mix and match Boho Cardigans with your wardrobe essentials to create a sexy fashionably sleek and stylish look.

Now that you know how to style a Boho Cardigan, pick a style and put together bohemian clothes for your next hippie-vibe outfits. Amp up your carefree side with free-flowing Bohemian Cardigans with floral prints, earthy hues, and stylish cuts.

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