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Best Boho Jewelry Brands You Should Follow

Best Boho Jewelry Brands You Should Follow

Jewelry symbolizes the beauty and self-expression of your mindset. Most women wear jewelry to complete an outfit and to make a statement. A piece of jewelry can enhance your overall look. Boho jewelry adds a little more beauty to your daily boho-chic outfits.

Release your inner bohemian goddess with charms and beads, bracelets, and anklets – all hippie-inspired in vibrant colors. Boho-inspired jewelry is intricate and has the power to instantly transform your ensemble and vibe.

chic jewelry is hand-crafted with a unique style and natural elements. Multicolor threadwork and long chains dazzle over your bewildering outfits.

If you're a fan of bohemian jewelry, then you're going to love the best Boho jewelry brands we've selected for this post. We've curated a list of our favorite jewelry designers who create pieces that are both stylish and affordable.

Whether you're looking for a statement necklace or some delicate earrings, these brands have everything you need to give your outfit an extra dose of boho flair. So without further ado, let's get started!

12 Best Bohemian Jewelry Brands You Should Follow

We picked out the best Boho jewelry brands that offer modern, ultra-feminine, and unique styles for a cool and flowing look and feel.

1 - Tohum

Verda Alaton is an independent designer and founder of Tohum, who gets inspiration from exotic cultures, faraway lands, arts, and extensive travels.

Tohum jewelry incorporates elements from nature to express simplicity. Tohum is one of the best Boho jewelry brands that offer electric-looking jewelry with textures and intricate designs that add diversity to your boho-chic clothes.

Tohum jewelry will become a part of your life, adding a sense of serenity and peace. Each piece is a timeless classic that is uniquely designed for you.

Follow Tohum on Facebook, and Instagram.

2 - Pippa Small

Pippa Small is an ethical brand that creates beautiful pieces of jewelry inspired by travel and nature. The independent designer Pippa Small has been passionate about making jewelry since her childhood and today her designs represent memories, emotions, and people that she has met and got inspired.

Each piece incorporates fine natural elements and precious stones that result in sophisticated designs with hand-made craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Follow Pippa Small designs on Facebook and Instagram.

3 - Lily Flo

Lily Flo is a fine jewelry line designed and hand-crafted by Diana Sherling and her team. She is one of the finest Bohemian jewelry designers who loves combining her love for nature, earth, and ocean to create responsibly sourced artistic designs for modern jewelry.

Each piece is a blend of modern elements and traditional goldsmith design inspiration, made with the utmost love and expertise. The brand believes in empowering women every day with intricate jewelry designs to express their feminine side.

Follow Lily Flo on Facebook and Instagram.

4 - Joanna Cave

Joanna Cave is listed among the top boho-chic jewelry designers that managed to garner the respect of the industry worldwide.

Transformation is the message behind this brand's jewelry, which offers simple and elegant designs with a symbolic representation of how traditional aspects can be transformed into something modern.

The designer infuses each piece with her own personal style to create pieces that are both delicate and durable. The concept behind the jewelry is influenced by increased awareness of environmental issues, as well as a traditional Mediterranean culture that values simplicity above all else.

Follow Joanna Cave on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

5 - Sarah Swell Jewelry

Sarah Swell is a top-class designer that creates thoughtful and timeless hand-hewn pieces of jewelry using ancient techniques and inspiration from bohemian culture.

Sarah’s design reflects organic sensibility with unique shapes and colors of natural diamonds. Most of her jewelry is crafted according to individual preferences. Sarah Swell also supports ethical sourcing and sustainability for all their jewelry pieces.

Follow Sarah Swell on Instagram.

6 - SunFace Traders

SunFace Traders is the oldest bohemian jewelry brand that has been crafting unique pieces since 1972. SunFace is a leading provider of Native American jewelry pieces with remarkable designs.

The brand offers a unique combination of turquoise stones and exotic gemstones to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Their products are crafted by experienced craftsmen who produce high-quality jewelry.

Follow SunFace Traders on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

7 - Zamarut

Zamarut is a 100% handcrafted jewelry brand that creates statement pieces from handpicked elements. Zamarut offers a range of tribal and ethnic jewelry collections with attention to detail and symbolizes hippie-style culture.

The brand believes in the creative spirit and exquisite craftsmanship that comes from the possession of tribal women all around the world.

Boho jewelry by Zamarut gives you the mainstream fashion statement in different type and styles that can be a perfect fit for your bohemian maxi dress.

Follow Zamarut on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

8 - Nugget Gallery

If you are in love with tribal bohemian jewelry, then Nugget Gallery is the brand you are looking for. Nugget Gallery creates contemporary designs with traditional textures and cuts with handcrafted pieces.

This brand offers jewelry designs that are the dream of all boho girls. The beautiful designs and colorful jewelry at Nugget Gallery are inspired by handmade Native American art.

Follow Nugget Gallery on Instagram.

9 - Montana Nest

Montana Nest is an exclusive bohemian jewelry brand that sells through Instagram. The brand provides handcrafted jewelry pieces that represent vintage textures and are inspired by earthy elements.

The brand also specializes in Native American pieces of jewelry made from gemstones and metal with intricate stonework and an absolutely stunning look.

The beautiful design elements combine together to embody resilience, sunshine, and purification of the soul through aesthetics.

Follow Montana Nest on Instagram.

10 - Gypsy and the Officer

From handmade pieces to vintage treasures, Gypsy and the Officer offers uniquely designed creative bohemian jewelry with a modern edge.

Each piece effortlessly fuses vintage style that brings an air of elegance to your boho dress.

Follow Gypsy and the Officer on Instagram.

11 - Child of Wild

Child of Wild is another great bohemian jewelry brand that resonates with culture and story through its designs and exists to inspire people with the past for today’s purpose.

Cultural relevance is instilled in great depth into the jewelry designs with consciously handpicked elements that share the common thread of humanity.

The brand sells some most eclectic jewelry designs that are unparalleled.

Follow Child of Wild on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

12 - Embella Designs

Embella designs is a bohemian jewelry brand that adorns women to show status and the goddess within through uniquely crafted pieces.

Level up your boho-inspired mini dress with a bold yet versatile collection of jewelry from Embella Designs that will slide on and rest on your body, further elongating the look.

The designs are made to compliment different looks and individual styles. For more bohemian inspired jewelry collection.

Follow Embella Designs on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Accentuate Your Look with Boho Chic Jewelry

Define the focus on your look with perfect bohemian jewelry that can help you transition effortlessly from a day-to-night look. Jewelry changes the way your outfit looks and elevates your fashion sense. Boho jewelry, be it bold, quirky, chunky, or intricate, all draw attention to your features and sparks elegance.

Jewelry is a great way to allow your individualism and creativity to speak and match with your personal style. The best Boho jewelry brands that we talked about believe in representing beautiful women with confidence, grace, and style.

Bohemian jewelry is valuable to a woman who wants to express herself without being conformist and live a life of freedom. When it comes to style, remember, less really is more. Make sure not to clutter your look with excess statement pieces

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