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50+ Different Types of Tops for Women

50+ Different Types of Tops for Women

In the summer, it's all about light and airy tops. Something that will keep you cool in the heat but won't be too heavy. A tank top or camisole is perfect for those hot days. And when the weather starts to cool down, you can switch to a long-sleeve top or sweater.

There are so many different types of tops to choose from, so it can be hard to know which one is best for your outfit. But don't worry, we’re here to help! We'll show you some of my favorite tops for each season and tell you why they're perfect for fall, winter, or spring.

50+ Different Kinds of Tops for Women

There are a variety of different tops for women available on the market today. Depending on your style and preference, you can choose from tank tops, blouses, t-shirts, off-shoulder tops, and more.

Here’s a list of our top 50+ favourite tops for women:

1 - Asymmetrical Top

An Asymmetrical top has a hemline that goes up and down, appearing as a diagonal slash across the body. An asymmetrical top gives an unconventional, modern, and edgy appeal to women. Check out the ever-popular Paula Brown Bodycon Dress in asymmetrical style to slay like a show-stopper.

2 - Bardot Top – Off the Shoulder

Named after the popular starlet Brigitte Bardot, it is a wide-open neckline exposing the shoulders. Bardot comes in different types of tops that can either be loose, flowing, or have a more fitted look. It is a sleek, modern, and chic off-shoulder top with a lower neckline that uncovers the shoulder. Check out this gorgeous white Off The Shoulder Boho Top from our collection.

3 - Batwing Top (Magyar/Dolman)

A Batwing top starts wide at the shoulders and has long baggy sleeves and a wing-like appearance. The Batwing Dolman and Magyar sleeve cuts are the most in-demand tops that come in different prints, patterns, and monochromes. Take a look at our Black Boho Beach Cover Up Batwing Top style that gives the illusion of toned arms, making you look modish and trendy.

5 - Bralette Top

Bralette top comes as a bra like thin straps and bust cups without the hook, with a fitted look to ante up your fashion game. Our Molly Sexy Crop Top Bralette can be easily worn as outerwear tops and undershirts for a comfortable feel.

6 - Boxy Top

Boxy tops are cut in a box shape at the torso, giving a square shape to the upper body. Boxy tops are usually made with thicker fabric that gives the illusion of a box-like effect on a person. Refresh the essentials with our Amelia Sleeveless T-shirt Boxy Top made with regular fit style.

7 - Blouson Top

Blouson tops are designed to sit at the waist, creating a blousing effect with the excess fabric. Our Joey Boho Pleated White Shirt have long sleeves and stretchy cuffs, giving an eye-catching blouson shape. They give a tucked-in look with the perfect length that can be worn with pants, maxi skirts, or slacks.

7 - Cape Top

A cape top is sleeveless outer clothing or piece of cloth that fits closely at the neck and drapes the back, arms, and chest, loosely hanging over the shoulders. Our new-in Floral Print Yellow Boho Dress Cape Top is uniquely designed for free-thinking and lively women.

8 -  Cardigans

A cardigan top refers to a sweater or jacket with full open centre front. The opening at front don’t have zippers or buttons, they are designed to simply hang open. The oversized boho cardigan sweater from our Cardigan collection has the perfect blend of textures and fabric, giving it a soft chic look.

9 - Crop Top

A crop top is an upper-body garment that doesn’t covers the midriff and reveals the stomach. Crop boho tops for women are causal sleeveless or short-sleeved piece of clothing. Stock up on our wardrobe winner Serenity Sleeveless Boho Top as the perfect day-to-night essential.

10 - Criss Cross Top

Our Sexy Cross-Over Front Top has an intersecting lines that passes back and forth through the neck, creating an overlap. A self-expression for modernity, these types of dress tops have a network of lines crossing each other developing an expressive shape over the neckline and across shoulders.

11 - Corset Top

It is close-fitted supporting the inner wear and extended from the bust to waist with a garter attached. Our Sandra Long Sleeve Boho Blouse is a kind of corset top that fits tightly below the chest with a lace-up style at waist.

12 - Choker Top

A 19th century popular, high collar, neckband or necklace worn tightly around the neck. Our Gianna Halter Backless Mini Dress is a skin tight version of choker top with a necklace, worn around the neck.

13 - Cold Shouldered Top

A cold shoulder top partially covers the arms and the shoulders are exposed with a portion of each sleeve cut out. A cold shoulder top has a V-neck that defines its look and make the body looks wider.

14 - Draped Top

Draped tops are made for a slightly loose fit with dropped shoulders with subtle cuts on blouse to give the ultra-feminine look. Our Gina Sexy Mini Dress with a drape style is one of those make a statement kind of tops that just add the extra style points with bare shoulders.

15 - Denim Top

A Denim top is made up of coarse, sturdy and cotton fabric used to make durable tops. It consists of twill weave that creates a diagonal ribbing pattern. Our dreamy Oversized Denim Top is a must-have for the season.

16 - Empire Waist Top

Our Athena Pink Boho Mid Dress with an empire waist directly sits above your natural waistline and looks amazing on different body shapes. It has shirt style for ladies that comes from popular French empire period, inspired by the classical art and flare floats.

17 - Flashdance Top

Inspired by the most popular look from 1980s, flashdance tops are still the modern day favourites with a torn sweatshirt, worn off-the-shoulder. It has asymmetrical details with modern cut in a typical over-sized t-shirt.

18 - Halter Top

A halter top is similar to tank top with straps that sit behind the neck and give minimal coverage at the back. With a plunging neckline at the front our Linda Sexy Two Piece Skirt Set in halter style forms a deep, and subtle neck look.

19 - Henley Neck Top

A Henley neck top is a causal ladies shirt that has short row of buttons in the centre of the neckline. Our Joanna Causal Boho Blouse comes with tie up Henley neck placket design on the front that allows clothing to be put on or removed easily.

20 - High Low Top

Our White Boho Beach Cover UP High-low style top for women tend to be drapey, hang loosely over the stomach and hip area that can be layered with a tank top. It has a shorter hem in the front, while a longer hem at the back.

21 - Kaftan Top

A Kaftan top serves as a symbol of royalty with an ankle-length clothing that has a long flowing sleeves, usually of a loose type, buttoned up with a robe. Check out our flattering Cecilia Boho Swin Suit Cover Up Kaftan style top as the perfect match for the beach or pool day out.

22 - Keyhole Top

A Keyhole top has a diagonal neckline that meets at the front with a central cutaway that sits just below the collarbone. Our Orange Cut Out Midi Dress Keyhole style has a convex shape that joins together along the midriff to give it a sexy curve.

23 - Lace Up Top

A lace up top is made from a decorative fabric with holes or eyelets that are woven in an open web of different symmetrical patterns and figures with a cord or string. This Madison Lace White Boho Dress is perfect for smart causal occasions to keep your look on-point.

24 - Loose Straight Top

It is a different top style with a loose straight top flow out at the bottom to make women look a little slimmer. Our Trisha Causal Oversized Shirt with loose straight cut have length a little longer than regular top with a narrower bottom and little shorter in the centre on the sides.

25 - Layered Top

A different top style that uses multiple layers of fabric on the body, sleeves or neckline. Our latest Cute Boho Midi Dress Layered Top style consist of flexible clothing with each layer serving a different purpose.

26 - Maxi Top

A maxi is a kind of top with a long length that reaches down to your ankles. Our Melanie Red Boho Maxi Dress is fitted on the top while flows freely towards the bottom.

27 - Mandarin Collar Top

A Mandarin top is closely-fitted, with a stand-up collar and edge that doesn’t meet at the front. Our Nora Causal Midi Dress Mandarin Collar Style has a pleated detailing for a delicate look and enhances the body shape.

28 - New Fashion Top

These types of women tops are made from netted materials that work perfectly to give a unique and different look. These tops are often long-sleeved and worn with a camisole, and tank top as they are usually see-through and sheer. Feel chic and stylish with our Anna White Boho Blouse Net style that is sure to add a little glamour to your everyday fashion.

29 - One Shoulder Top

The asymmetric neckline of this top starts over one shoulder and extends diagonally under the other arm, leaving one shoulder completely exposed. Shop our Muse Bow Tie Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top that will add intrigue to your confidence.

30 - Peasant Top

A Peasant top has a wide neck, short, puffed or long sleeves with an elastic at the waist, cuffs or squared neckline. Our exclusive Isla Off the Shoulder Boho Blouse Peasant shaped top have hand smocking done on the waist area.

31 - Peter Pan Collar Top

Named after the famous Peter Pan costume, it has a small closely fitted-collar with rounded edges that meet together from the front. The shoulder points are flat and overlapping. Pater Pan collar top will be added soon to our collection of tops, meanwhile browse our best sellers.

32 - Peplum Tops

Peplum tops have pleated strip of fabric attached onto the waist so that the bottom part of the top flows outward, giving a slight flare and with a hanging flounce. Check our Blooms Long Sleeve Boho Mini Dress Peplum style to add a little fun to your night out.

33 - Poncho Top

Poncho is a different top style with a slit in the middle of the head so that it can be easily slipped over and worn as a sleeveless clothing. Shop our ultra-stylish Black Beach Knit Cover Up Poncho style.

34 - Princess Line Top

A Princess line top is a fitted women dress that has long panels without horizontal cuts or separation at the waist. Our Cotton Long Sleeve Boho Maxi Dress consists of long seams are cut together as a panels to shape the body.

35 - Ruffled Top

A ruffled top has a frill at the front of the neck, a pleated piece of clothing for a decorative look. Our Sexy Beach Ruffles Romper is the perfect strapless top for a flattering look at the beach.

36 - Spaghetti Top

The shirt is sleeveless and has spaghetti straps that connect the front and back bodices. Our Madelyn Yellow Boho Dress provide minimal shoulder strap, leaving the shoulders are bare.

37 - Step Hemp Top

Step Hemp top for women are slightly longer from the back and shorter from the front, making a slender shape at the tip and base. Look at our Monica Mini Floral Dress, with a slit in front with the perfect step hemp shape.

38 - Scoop Top

A Scoop top has a low-cut rounded neckline with a u-shaped neck showing more collarbone. Our Backless Mini Beach Dress comes with a Scoop neckline deeper than normal round neckline.

39 - Short Frock Top

These are similar to mini-dresses with a belt, a coarse clothing that sits above the knee. Our exclusive Purple Print Boho Mini Dress has the right mini length for the ultra-stylish and free-spirited look.

40 - Swing Top

A modern swing top has an A-line shape that hugs your waist line and bell out from there to give a swinging look when you walk. The circular cut of our Lillian Beige Boho Dress Swing Top is designed to give it a motion feel with pleats or tucks.

41 - Shirt

This is a blouse that resembles a tailored shirt for men, such as a yoke, a high stand collar, a pocket, on the front and button band front opening. Look out for our Retro Plaid Button Up Shirt, perfect shirt for a socially conscious and confident women.

42 - Shell Top

A Shell top has a crew neckline that slightly sits on the shoulders with buttons at the back. Our finest piece of Hannah Knitted Lounge Set top is sleeveless and collarless shell top cut for a lazy summer day.

43 - Sleeveless Shirt Top

These types of blouse are sleeveless with low neck and different shoulder strap widths. Take a look at our Sequined Sleeveless Boho Top Shirt with a loose front fit that keeps you cool in summer weather, and a perfect outfit for all kind of occasions.

44 - Tie Front Top

This type of shirt styles for ladies are loose button-up shirts that define your waistline and elongates your legs. One of our best sellers, Striped Boyfriend Button Up Shirt has a tie at the hem that balances out broad hips and narrow waist.

45 - Turtleneck Top

A Turtleneck top has a high, rounded and close-fitted neck folded over itself. Our Pink Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress comes with a pull up design to cover the entire neck for a more refined look.

46 - Tunic Top

A Tunic top is gathered at the shoulder that flows down in between hips and the knees. Shop our latest Linda Long Sleeve Boho Blouse that is loosely fitted top with a buttoned placket in the front.

47 - Tube Top

Our Faye Sleeveless Boho Maxi Dress with tube style at the midriff area, highlighting your body shape. It is a tight-fitted strapless top made of stretchy material, shaped like a tube that covers the chest and back, leaving the shoulders and arms uncovered.

48 - T-shirt

A T-shirt comes in different styles and needs no introduction. When spread out flat, it makes a T-shape. A T-shirt can be collarless, short-sleeved, or sleeveless depending on the type. We are working to add t-shirt collection to our store, meanwhile browse our shirts & blouses range.

49 - Tiered Bottom Top

A Tiered Bottom top has a stylish strappy back and flared silhouette that exposes the waist, navel and abdomen. Our flattery Amanda Short Boho Dress Tiered Bottom style has overlapping layers with different lengths and hem lines.

50 - X-ray Top

An X-ray top is a transparent piece of clothing, a see-through top that can be worn over a slip or camisole. Check out our most elegant Crochet Beach Maxi Dress, an opaque, fitted style and a criss-cross feature with an ankle length.

51 - Y2K Top

A Y2K top is inspired by mid-90s and early 2000s, made with shiny material, slightly retro edge cuts and focus on pared-back. Our Hailey Floral Sexy Mini Dress is radically distinctive dot-com era favourite with a slightly retro-edge and pleated front.

Wrapping up!

Shop the latest types of women tops and elevate your everyday style. Add a distinctive style to your women wear with everything crisp and ubiquitous.

When you’re fully acquainted with your body curves, it becomes easier to choose the perfect top. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know about different types of tops and identify which one suits you the best.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to opt for all the endless options, but we will help you figure out the most lauded types of women tops.

Firstly, the asymmetrical tops are trendy this season. A top with an edgy accent is tailored to shape the women body signifying boldness and confidence. The elongating effect these asymmetrical tops have is much more flattering.

Another recommended top is the net fashion top, as it not only adds extra detail to your look but enhances your style with elegance and class.

Lastly, the shoulder-off top has become the mainstay in the fashion industry, as the skin-baring looks continue to evolve over the years. Jennifer Connelly and Anne Hathaway were also seen with the off-shoulder top at the Cannes this year and were regarded as the most glamorous outfits.

Most importantly, wear your confidence, so nothing else steals your shine!

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