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8 Different Types of Boho Bags

8 Different Types of Boho Bags

Women who love to dress always look for accessories that can bring style and flair to their looks. A bag is one of the fashion accessories that contribute to your overall style. It can instantly dress up any outfit for any occasion. While there are plenty of fashion trends that come every season, Boho bags have always been a major fashion mainstay.

Whether it is used to carry your phone, hold your snacks, a notebook, or some other essential items, a Bohemian bag can really help you get by. From leather bags to tote and crochet bags to embroidered purses, Boho-chic bags come in different shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re a maximalist or minimalist, you can opt for different types of Boho-inspired bags to add a modern feel to your closet and complement your equally stylish boho-chic dress. Bohemian bags are the perfect accessory to indulge your electric taste and add a spark of vintage-retro vibe to your look.

4 Key Elements You Should Look into a Boho Inspired Bag

Bohemian bags characterize unique designs, intricate embroidery, extensive detailing, vintage patterns, and distinctive textures. If you're not sure what to look for when purchasing a Boho handbag, don't worry, we will outline key features that make a Bohemian bag stand out from the rest. Keep reading to learn more!

1 - Colors

Earthy hues, warm shades, neutral palettes, and cool colors such as yellow, brown, green, blue, grey, red, and orange are some of the most commonly used bohemian colors.

2 - Materials

Boho bags are made from strong and durable materials that hold elements together superbly. The most commonly used materials for making boho bags include leather, rattan, suede, and denim fabrics.

3 - Designs

Boho bags come in a multitude of styles and designs with loaded bohemian charm such as patchwork, tribal prints, vintage-retro look, and unique textures.

4 - Detailing

Boho-chic is known for its attention to detail such as tassels, fringes, crochet, lace, floral incise, beads, and other embellishments.

8 Different Types of Bohemian Bags

Looking for a unique and stylish bag to take your style up a notch? Check out the different types of bohemian bags we’ve rounded up for you. From fringe purses to canvas totes, these bags are perfect for adding a boho touch to any outfit.

1 - Boho Straw Bag

Boho straw bags are made from bamboo, corn husk, and regular straw or crochet paper that are sturdy and strong. They are asserted as bohemian fashion favorites due to their lightweight and durable design.

A straw bag is a quintessential accessory that is the perfect season clash and elevates your look when carried with trendy boho midi dresses. Boho straw bags are accessible year-round and are a great accessory associated with the beachwear.

2 - Boho Leather Bag

A Boho leather bag is characterized by slouchy posture, an unstructured look, and a long strap that is designed to wear over the shoulder. These type of handbags are durable, long-lasting, and doesn’t fade quickly.

A brown leather bag looks perfect with floaty bohemian maxi dresses because they have a proportionate look and flatter any body shape. Bohemian leather bags are timeless classic pieces that have been complementing women's fashion style forever now.

3 - Patchwork Boho Bag

A patchwork boho bag consists of a sewing technique that uses different shapes of fabrics, mixed patterns, colors, and textures into large geometric designs.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind as it is hand-made. The soft material makes it easy to carry all day long. It can easily complement boho-chic skirt and midi dresses.

4 - Satchel Boho Bag

A satchel Boho bag is made from leather, thin and soft, that allows the wearer to adjust diagonally across the body whilst holding its shape. Satchel bags are functional, chic, and everyday essentials for women.

Accessorizing a satchel bag with boho mini dresses feels liberating and enables mobility. They can fit in all your essentials for a day out, and a few of your gadgets too.

5 - Tote Boho Handbags

A tote handbag is functional and has become one of the go-to and all-time favorite bags for women all over the world. Tote Boho handbags come in stylish and adorable colors with intricate embroidery detail and tassel work woven by the Hmong.

These bags usually complement outfits like bohemian blouses and tops. A bohemian tote bag features striking color combinations and vivid threadwork with a zipped compartment on the inside.

6 - Vintage Hmong Boho Bag

A Hmong bag is made from a soft and flexible material that symbolizes free-spiritedness and individuality. A vintage Hmong Boho bag is a perfect expression of tribal colors and detailed thread work.

Hmong bags look great when styled with the flowy bohemian maxi dress. The tassel decoration, cotton lining, tribal patterns, and embroidery enhances the overall style of the wearer.

7 - Crochet Boho Bag

A crochet bag is made from the interlocking of looped stitches formed with single or multi-colored thread work. A Boho crochet bag is the perfect choice for warm weather as it is made from durable and dense fabric.

Crochet bags are the perfect choice for a beach day as they add a splash of brightness and fun to your boho-chic swim cover-ups.

8 - Bohemian Clutch

A clutch bag is a sophisticated and elegant accessory that is small in size but very practical. A bohemian clutch bag is ideal for different occasions and essential in your closet all year round.

You can easily take it to a wedding event, casual gatherings, dinner dates, and even at music festivals. Bohemian clutch bags are versatile and can be paired with different bohemian clothing easily.

Where to Buy It?

As Bohemian bags complement different ensembles and carry your essentials for every occasion, you must have a few of them in your capsule wardrobe.

You can explore popular boho clothing brands and independent designers like Elise Stories, Mahiya, Spell Design, Bali Elf, Free People, and of course. Each of these brands offers a unique and distinctive collection of Boho bags for women who love to express themselves through fashion accessories.

Final Thoughts

An all-time classic, and a dependable choice, bohemian bags give you a chic look every time you step out. From fashion influencers to fashionistas, everyone just loves timeless Boho bags.

Even a lot of Boho celebrities have been seen rocking with different types of chic bags and clutches such as Zoe Kravitz, Vanessa Hudgens, and the Olsen Twins.

Boho style bags liven up your outfits with rich-neutral shades and different color palettes. They are a perfect choice to transit from a day to night look, as these bags give an extra oomph to your style sense. Bohemian bags are all about vibrant colors and uplifting tones that zhoosh things up a bit. For a chic and elegant look, Boho is the thing!


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