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The Dos And Don’ts Of Boho Fashion

The Dos And Don’ts Of Boho Fashion

Bohemian fashion means a lot more than simply being different as it reflects a way of life that a person expresses through unconventional fashion statements. Boho fashion is the most impactful culture that encapsulates being free from societal norms and adopting the nomad lifestyle.

Bohemian fashion dates back to the 1960s and gained prominence during the mid-1700s when the French Revolution happened, the artists and poets were forced to adopt a nomadic life due to poverty.

These people started living a nomadic life with a minimalistic approach and started to wear clothing that was often torn and worn, and considered unfashionable.

Eventually, with time these people started to be recognized as bohemians who expressed their creativity through the way they lived and the clothes they wore.

Modern Bohemian style can stand alone as a fashion statement and mainstream style. Gradually this counterculture become more recognized and widespread among people all over the world.

Today the popular bohemian styles include boho-chic skirts, maxi dresses, kimonos, blouses, tops, midi-dresses, mini-dresses, beach cover-ups, knit-wears, and jackets.

The timeless Bohemian fashion evolves over time elongating the natural beauty and sensuality of dresses that fit perfectly with current trends.

Bohemian wardrobe staples are great kick-offs that you can mix and match easily to explore your own personal expression of freedom. From top to bottoms, and from layering to accessorizes, bohemian fashion gravitates toward a minimalistic style with earthy shades and neutral color palettes.

However, there are still some do’s and don’ts of Boho fashion that you must know. That’s what we’re to look at today.

Dos and Don’ts of Bohemian Fashion

The key to Boho-chic is maintaining a cohesive look yet mixing different prints, textures, and colors. So if you wish to make a statement attire, you really need to learn the dos and don’ts of Boho-chic fashion.

Do – Include a Blend of Flowy and Contemporary Elements

Looking at Bohemian clothes, you will see a lot of flowy and breezy material being used. A Bohemian style is not complete without a flowy statement piece whether a paisley flowy skirt or a flowy maxi dress.

The thing about contemporary Bohemian fashion is that you get to wear rich colors, artistic patterns, and modern cuts with more varying levels of dresses. Bohemian elements effortlessly blend in with the modern twist to express femininity and free-spirited woman.

Don’t – Think About Boho as Careless

Boho-inspired fashion clothes are supposed to be laid-back, unconventional, and highly expressive rather than careless and messy. Bohemian dresses resemble elements that are a reflection of your life and your inner-self.

Boho-chic dresses are designed to embrace your body and express what you believe in. Bohemian clothes are eye-catching with fabulous swirl prints and geometric patterns that give the fun boho vibe to make you appear more modern and boho-chic.

Do – Include Both Warm and Cold Hues

The classic Bohemian style thrives on earthy shades, neutral color pallets, and a plethora of patterns with warm and cold hues that can work together to create a unique art piece.

However, there is no rule for the colors when it comes to bohemian fashion, as long as they look earthy, breezy, and mainly neutral. Brown, blue, red, maroon, green, and yellow are preferred colors that can be accentuated with a mix of deep orange, purple, and black coupled with various textures and creativity.

Don’t – Use Artificial and Neon Colours

The do’s and don’ts of Bohemian Fashion suggest avoiding artificial and neon colors as it resembles the ‘Scandi’ style that doesn’t do it for the boho vibe. Artificial colors create dark areas in between the design and don’t feel good to the eyes.

Whereas Bohemian fashion includes colors that are pleasing to the eyes and create a smooth look overall.

Do – Remember to Layer it Up with Boho

Sink into a laid-back luxe look by layering the right piece of boho-chic kimonos or beach cover-ups. Stylish bohemian kimonos are a practical layer that never goes out of style and turns heads at beach parties and evening dates. A natural-looking, flowy and breezy beach cover is an excellent way to look more boho and keep the classy touch.

Don’t – Not Be Afraid of Oversized Dresses

Bohemian oversized clothes get that slouchy and chic style just the right way. For a casual and stylish look, oversized fashion can instantly add glam to your look. You can easily balance an oversized boho-chic top with your favorite boyfriend jeans that can last up to several seasons.

A classic vintage boho jacket can make you stand out by improving your look drastically. An oversized cardigan is a staple of the modern casual wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable and keeps you chic in any season.

Do – Buy Kimonos As Wardrobe Staples

Kimonos are highly comfortable and easy to wrap around the waist with or without a robe. Kimonos are a great way to dress up any attire with a little pop of color or floral prints.

You can easily throw a boho-chic kimono over your swimsuit for a beach party or stay relaxed with some old-school tee and jeans with a layer of stylish kimono for a chic look.

Don’t – Not Forget Crochets are Part of Boho Fashion

Bohemian fashion is all about being expressive and showing your artistic nature. What’s a better option than a crochet midi dress or crochet cardigan to take your hippie look to the next level? Crochet dresses are lightweight fabric that allows your body to breathe with intricate embroidered patterns and designs.

Do – Go For Flared Boho Pants

Boho wide-leg flared pants are all about feeling good and comfortable. Flared pants come in versatile styles and sizes with dramatic wide legs and a bell-shaped look. Flared pants are the sleek and elegant go-to option for everyday wear that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

You can go monochrome with flared pants and a loosely fitted blouse of the same color, or you can opt for a relaxed style with an oversized cotton shirt paired with laidback pants.

Don’t – Not Forget to Wear Your Accessories

Accessories are a must-have when it comes to boho fashion. Step up your style with creative and beautiful bohemian accessories that complement your outfit and give it the finishing touches. Add more energy to your boho-chic dress with basic accessories such as footwear, jewelry, handbags, belts, hats, and other hair accessories.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the options in bohemian accessories, choose one statement piece that can elevate your look and is an easy way to take an outfit from day-to-night transition.

Do – Get Some Boho-Chic Blouses

Boho-chic blouses never go out of style and have remained a dominant piece of clothing over the years. Apart from being trendy, bohemian-inspired blouses are a personal style lexicon with options for evening events to parties.

Keep it modern and elegant with loosely fitted bohemian blouses that can transform your attire into a mesmerizing trendy street-style look.

Don’t – Never Wear Fitted Outfits

Fitted outfits are not part of the bohemian style element ever. Bohemian style strongly relates to flowy, breezy, and easy-to-wear dresses with retro patterns and warm shades.

Bohemian is all about a relaxed fit, tribal inspiration, and comfortable daywear. Boho fashion defines the artistic cuts of the outfits that flow with your body shape to add sophistication and style to your personality.

Achieve the Boho-Chic Look With Do’s and Don’ts of Boho-Inspired Fashion

So, take these do’s and don’ts of Boho fashion and incorporate them into your bohemian style to create a  look that is utterly fabulous and elegant.

Wearing boho fashion is not as simple as you think, but once you know the dos and Don’ts of Bohemian fashion, it becomes easy. Bohemian dresses are the perfect choice for any occasion and all season, in fact, the most preferred style for the summer/spring season. Bohemian is all about having fun with your dresses and experimenting with new mixes and matches.

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