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What Shoes to Wear With Bohemian Tops?

What Shoes to Wear With Bohemian Tops?

Can’t make up your mind about what shoes to wear with bohemian tops? Shoes are more than just an accessory, they can make or break a look. No matter the occasion, choosing the proper footwear is essential for completing your outfit and achieving that classy, sophisticated style. Finding those perfect shoes may pose a challenge - but with effort, it isn't impossible!

With the bohemian style, there's no hard-and-fast rulebook to follow. Instead of focusing on trendy pieces that come and go with each new season, make sure you're investing in classic items that will last year after year - like comfortable shoes versatile enough to pair with any boho outfit!

Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your boho tops? Look no further - we’re here as your trusty personal stylists, ready with 10 tips on spicing up any ensemble with the perfect bohemian shoes. So go ahead and let us help unlock those fashionista vibes!

10 Bohemian Shoes to Wear With Boho Top

Step into summer with style! Check out the must-have shoes that perfectly complement a bohemian top and boost your outfit. Get scrolling now for some serious wardrobe inspiration.

1. Make It Casual With Cream Flatforms

Take your footwear to new heights this season with the trendiest flatforms! Show off your fashion-forward style and make a statement in chic cream shoes that effortlessly elevate any look. Not only are these contemporary kicks stylish, but they also provide fantastic support without sacrificing comfort - allowing you confidently walk from day to night. Step up with flatforms for unforgettable streetwear appeal!

Open-toe shoes like these are ideal for summer and spring, as they let your feet breathe and give a high aesthetic appeal. It gives off a vintage vibe when teamed with flared bohemian pants, an oversized jumper, or an A-line maxi dress.

2. Create the Look With a Suede Boots

Suede boots are the pinnacle of bohemian fashion. They’re soft and not relegated to only one occasion. Suede is a classic leather shoe that’s highly comfortable and perfect to add texture to any boho outfit. The sole of the boots has a cushion that offers comfort and shock absorption.

Suede boots can be paired for casual and formal occasions to add style and break out your monotonous look. Suede boots complement bohemian short dresses in a way to draw attention to your legs. It is an easygoing vintage-inspired boot that gets you through the weekend plans with practicality and comfort.

3. The Perfect Bohemian Shoes: Espadrilles

Espadrilles help you maintain practicality and style. You can always rely on easy-going espadrilles when considering what shoes to wear with a bohemian dress. They give off a subtly elegant appeal. Espadrilles come in a two-part open silhouette with an elastic strap with the suede that sits on a wedge sole, providing cushioning under the feet for all-day comfort and elegance.

They effortlessly complement bohemian dresses and give the perfect feminine look that exudes class and sophistication. You can easily transition from a work day to evening dinners in espadrilles. Free yourself from the regular shoes, and have fun with hybrid espadrilles that add flair to everyday life.

4. Jetsetter Gypsy

A jetsetter gypsy is crafted for a bon vivant, a free-spirited woman inspired by the vintage-retro fashion style. They are unfussy and give an easy way to transit into an urban and chic look. Having said that, they can be paired with mini dresses and boho winter coat with skinny jeans. These shoes spruce up the look and complement your office wear also.

These shoes add edginess to your dress with their versatility and incredible comfort. They give off a vintage vibe with their neutral tones and modern design. Not only easy to wear but also a great option to have on hand, especially on long holidays.

5. Lace Your Shoes With Something Neutral or White

All those bohemian vibes are intensified with lace-up shoes in a neutral color like white, brown, or tan instead of vibrant colors. These shoes add a whimsical touch to your outfit by creating a monochrome feel. They tend to elongate your leg and make you look chicer regularly.

Lace-up shoes perfectly complement the floral boho maxi dress style. These shoes also come with a side zip for ease and have options made with floral embroidery straps and leather elements to maintain the earthy touch.

6. Wear Lace-Up Block Heels

Add a dash of glam to your bohemian outfit with these stunning lace-up block heels that look fabulous in earthy shades. A no-brainer when it comes to making a stellar statement effortlessly. Hairs are great ways to accentuate your dress, whether for a business meeting or a casual lunch with friends. Step out in style wearing a short boho skirts and ankle-strap lace-up block heels to maintain comfort.

Perfect for outdoor ceremonies and uneven surfaces, they are versatile and comfortable to lift your looks instantly. Make a breezy boho statement with any boho-chic dress, with heels spanning from low to high.

7. Vintage Bohemian Loafers

Loafers are one of the most easily slipped on and off the foot shoes, without any hassle. They are versatile and come in different designs, colors, and forms. You can wear a retro-style loafer to a formal or casual event, and an ideal choice for long walks exploring the city or running errands.

To add a pop of color to your outfit, consider pairing your loafers with a yellow bohemian dress. They can be easily dressed up or down with the right choice of clothes for a hippie cool and contrasting look. You can pair a vintage-embroidered loafer with a bohemian maxi dress or luxe silk blouse and a tiered midi skirt to keep it low-key. Loafers give a preppy vibe with beautiful bohemian aesthetics.


8. Western Boho Shoes for a Trendy Look

Add a bit of quirk with some western boho shoes that work best on a long sleeve boho midi dress and maxi skirt. These shoes come with a feminine floral or flouncy bunch to make you look stunning at a cocktail party, casual gathering, or even at formal events. The trendiest of all, these shoes in skin-matching tones are best to create an overall monochromatic look.

These choc boho shoes also come with feathers and tassels with a keen eye on artistry and comfort. Perfect choice for walking on all urban terrains and supporting your feet all day long when you are out on the fields.

9. Trendy Sneakers for a Sporty Retro Look

Being comfortable never goes out of style, and neither do sneakers. Retro-inspired bohemian sneakers can make you look effortless and polished. They have become just another frivolous accessory women must have. Usually swapped out for stilettos and casual wear, sneakers are best for all ages.

These shoes have a chic look with denim and printed paisley boho lace tops combination that also goes with an A-line silhouette one-colored skirt. Sneakers have become the new go-to and are all-day wear, versatile enough to be paired with just about any boho dress.

10. Converse for the Ultimate Festival Look

Converse are blessing in disguise and needs no introduction. There is not much surprise, but vintage-style converse shoes go with everything. A wild and free soul, converse brings coolness to your bohemian outfits.

The converse is fun and chic, with just the right amount of comfort and style. Talk about brides wearing converse on their big day to sprucing up your everyday outfits instantly, as they rule our hearts. Converse gives off an edgy and urban look and a sophisticated feel in long coats; converse can slay any look.

Step Out in Style

The right shoes can pull an entire outfit together, and a true fashionista knows the worth. From retro-leaning styles to forward-looking espadrilles, shoes put a final look to your attire. Bohemian shoes are about freedom, experimenting with different dresses and tops, and creating a unique style that suits your persona.

For those who love to make an entrance, they put some extra effort towards the selection of shoes that complements their outfits. A good pair of shoes add to your fashion appeal but also gives comfort to keep your feet protected. Explore our bohemian fashion style guide to get inspiration and ideas for your next outfit.

We hope we helped you decide what shoes to wear with bohemian tops. Unleash a range of bohemian-styled clothes on Elise Stories that match your individual persona. Creatively designed, bohemian dresses are crafted for casual, social, and formal occasions.

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