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How To Style A Boho Skirt?

How To Style A Boho Skirt?

This summer Boho skirts are back with a bang! Embrace the clashing and complementary patterns with bold enthusiasm that continues to be a staple in any bohemian wardrobe.

Boho style is all about fun, freedom, and free-spiritedness, expressing bravery and compassion. Find what appeals to you and define your personality with a Bohemian skirt that is minimalistic and gregarious.

Boho-chic skirts are versatile enough to match with almost any choice of tops. These skirts are a splendid addition to your Bohemian wardrobe that comes in a mix of earthy tones and colours, to keep you cool during the warm weather.

7 Ways To Wear a Bohemian Skirt

A modern take on sensuality, Boho-chic skirts are the true contemporary classics – forever elegant. Fringes, floral, and carefree vibes, Bohemian skirts are the summer essentials for an effortless and breezy look. The colourful patterns, layers, and tiered skirts, Boho is a fashion staple for the modern fashion world.

We have got you super trendy ideas on how to dress a bohemian skirt, comfy and elegant.

1 - Boho Asymmetrical Skirt

An asymmetrical boho skirt has a waterfall structure with a higher hem at the sides and a lower hem in the mid-section. The best tip to dress this Boho-chic skirt is to pair it with a pleasant top, and a beautiful necklace keeping the waist uncovered.

A real must-have, our asymmetrical skirt is beautifully curated with delicate ruffles and a shorter hem going as high as the mid part of your legs.

2 - Boho Denim Skirt

A bohemian denim skirt is made from a sturdy piece of clothing, usually cotton or other material used for making jeans. Wearing a Boho denim skirt can be tricky as it gives even the most forgiving fashion fans the ick. You can easily pair these kinds of skirts with a high neck, a collared shirt, or a ribbed top.

3 - Flowy Boho Skirt

A flowy Boho skirt has a long length that ends below the middle of the calf above the ankle. Our Amanda Boho Flowy Midi Skirt goes best with a fitted or bralette crop top during the summer season. Rock your chic look to a lunch date, coffee shop, hang sesh with girlfriends, or to a plethora of other places.

4 - Long Boho Skirt

Long Boho skirts are of a full length that ends at your ankles, giving an effortlessly stylish and modish look. One of our best-selling Marissa Long Boho Skirt is an essential piece you need to add to a versatile wardrobe. You can pair these kinds of skirts with a super comfy linen top or spaghetti tank top for a casual day out.

5 - Boho Patchwork Skirt

A patchwork Boho skirt is made from small pieces of different printed or embroidered fabric sewn together to create a geometric design. A patchwork boho skirt goes best with a solid white collared shirt or a fitted sheath crop top. The very bold patchwork can be dressed in versatile ways creating different casual looks.

6 - Boho Pleated Skirt

A pleated Boho skirt has narrow folds of cloth created through gathering or sewing together. A pleated skirt can be paired with cami tops, graphic tees, button-down skirts, crochet crop tops, or a solid t-shirt. These kinds of skirts are the best for beach-side dinner giving a sleek look with some good contrast top.

7 - Ruffled Boho Skirt

A ruffled Boho skirt has a pleated strip of material used for decoration or as a trim on the outfit to give a pleasant look. Our new-in Isla Red Boho Skirt comes with ruffled pleats and an A-line silhouette that can be easily paired with a puff-sleeved or bell-sleeved crop top giving a bohemian vibe. You can also add a little yin to your yang with a printed top to break the monotone look.

8 - Tie and Dye Boho Skirt

A tie and dye skirt gives a streaked or mottled look through the hand method of producing patterns on fabric by tying portions. Flaunt your bohemian tie and dye skirt with a solid crochet crop top or complement the look with a chic white blouse. Tuck it in, or let it loose, tie and dye boho skirts are the best for a day by the beach, or a Sunday brunch with friends.

9 - Tiered Boho Skirt

A tiered boho skirt is made from several horizontal layers, and divided by stitching, creating an identical coloured outfit. Feel fresh with our Tiered Eleanor White Boho Skirt that is unbelievably versatile and never fails to give your fashion statement a perfect touch. You can wear this skirt with a monochrome top, a fitted crop top, and even a buttoned-down top.

10 - Wrap Boho Skirt

A wrap Bohemian skirt has French seams and a buttonhole on the waist to tie it up, creating an ultra-sexy and flattering look. The button-up top can work best with our exclusive Stella Wrap Boho Skirt for a great look. A ruffled crop top or a fitted tank top can also make the wrap skirt look versatile, giving you a crisp look.

How Not to Fall in Love with a Boho Skirt?

Express your free-spirit and embrace your inner soul!  More than just a fashion trend, Boho is a way of life. The artful layering, whimsical fabrics, long lengths, and funky patterns uniquely define the Bohemian style.

With flowly edge and an effortless way to carry the bohemian vibe, boho skirts are the epitome of the summer season. Don’t be a conformist, create a hippie-inspired look with colourful and versatile skirts.

There are no special rules on how to style a Bohemian skirt, unleash your inner Bohemian goddess and express yourself as a free-spirited woman.

Sparkle with the Boho vibes this season!

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