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How to Dress Boho for College & University? Here It's Explained

How to Dress Boho for College & University? Here It's Explained

It is a fact that setting up your capsule wardrobe for college or university can be intimidating. It is tricky, and not an easy task, especially when you’re a hippie at heart. It is important to wear outfits that make you feel confident and fit your fashion sense to keep you comfortable all day.

For a casual-cool vibe that’s unbeatable, you must know how to dress boho for college or university to achieve the perfect look. You need to put together a convenient look that can keep you stylish and sophisticated enough for college. Being comfortable in class is important as it allows you to focus on the lectures rather than being stressed about how you are looking.

It is important to focus on the essentials, creating a functional and practical college or university bohemian wardrobe with every day outfits that fit you best.

As a true bohemian, you must reflect your values and style through your outfits. Try to mix and match different pieces of clothes that will look great on you. You can even look very stylish on a tight budget, as some of the best boho clothing brands offer affordable everyday staples.

Read on to learn how to put together the perfect boho look for your campus!

10 Tips On How To Dress Boho Chic for College Or University?

College or university is a time to express yourself through fashion. All free-spirited worldwide love to embrace boho fashion style, accustomed to fit their personality. You can easily experiment with bohemian vibes with flowy pieces and unique accessories that fit your style.

Here are some great ideas on how to dress boho for college to rock your campus style!

1 - Casual Boho Blouse With Fitted Jeans

When in doubt, always go for a loosely fitted classic casual boho blouse with your favorite jeans. This outfit retains a retro vibe, great for everyday lectures on campus, lunch out with friends, or simply running errands after class. Whether you opt for a floral printed or embroidered bohemian blouse, layer it with small delicate hoop earrings for a more coveted look.

2 - Ruffled Boho Midi Dress

Who says you can’t wear a midi dress to college? Boho midi dresses are fun to dress and give you a classic feel like a major fashion statement.

Midi dresses are the most versatile mainstay pieces that are elegant and more feminine, perfect for hanging around the campus on sunny afternoons. You can even layer it with a denim jacket during cold months, for a laid-back look.

3 - Layering a Boho Denim Jacket

Boho jackets never go out of style and is one of the most sartorial options for a simple yet stylish look. Nailing the look relies on balancing the colors of your outfit and jacket.

Boho denim jackets are insanely comfortable and a smart pick for layering on a breezy day. Elevate your look further with dark sunglasses and minimalist silver earrings.

4 - Boho Printed Tank Top With Denim

Want to go casual in flirty tank tops with the mysterious cool girl vibe? Keep it simple with a printed Boho top paired with your favorite denim jeans, and accessorized with your go-to golden hoop earrings.

This outfit gives you all the comfort you need to maintain your focus during the lectures, and makes you feel edgier in the best way.

5 - Printed Bohemian Kimono

If you love layering, bohemian kimonos can be an effortlessly stylish option to bring together your look. When paired with your favorite ribbed denim jeans and loosely fitted top, it creates the luxurious and statement look that you are longing for.

Kimonos add length and give you the confidence to step out without being conscious about your looks. Rest assured, you will turn heads as you walk through the college corridor.

6 - Flowy Boho-Chic Skirt With Sleeveless Blouse

Create the minimalistic and easy-on-the-eye look with A-line boho-chic skirts paired with a sleeveless blouse. This ensemble is comfortable, keeps you warm, and gives an elegant look for day-to-day classes and after-college events.

The bohemian skirts create a unique look and can be styled with different tops and blouses for a modern and uptrend look.

7 - Printed Boho Tee With Plaid Pants

Add some cool vibes to your wardrobe with a printed Boho tee and plaid pants that can be worn all year round. Whether you want to look preppy or just like to be in a laid-back casual look, bohemian tops are a great option for a youthful look. Finish off the look with a vintage-inspired necklace jewelry piece and a structured tote bag to add a pop of color too.

8 - Whimsy Boho Pants With Collared Shirt

Don’t be afraid to add more colors to your outfit with whimsy Boho pants that add vibrancy and make you look edgier. Pair it with a collared shirt for a strong Bohemian cool-girl vibe. Show off your true boho vibes with popping whimsy pants that are absolutely comfortable and stylish.

9 - Earthy Tone Boho Dress

It is fun to show off your true bohemian side when going to attend college. You have the freedom to dress your way and experiment with different boho dresses ranging from preppy to classic.

The neutral-colored boho dresses provide ultimate comfort with an electric style that complements your individualism and helps you break-free from societal norms.

10 - Floral Top & Denim Jeans

Everything about the peasant Bohemian blouse screams comfort. A perfect boho-chic outfit for attending classes, paired with denim jeans for a more sophisticated look.

Most importantly, Bohemian blouses can be flattering for any body shape and can be a good fit for your college wardrobe. Boho-chic printed peasant blouses give a modern edge to your casual look that is most appropriate for the college.

Bohemian Meets Fashion

Boho celebrities also love to express their inner goddesses through bohemian clothes and make a statement with their clothing. Celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Sienna Miller, and June Ambrose have been slaying typical flowy maxi dresses with subtle makeup and channeling their inner Bohemian that appeal to the masses.

As celebrities have a significant influence on college and university students, through their dressing styles, they tend to imitate similar looks and experiment with current fashion trends.

Where to Buy it?

You must know the best Boho clothing brands that feature vintage collections and encapsulate the Bohemian ideology through their outfits. So, if you’re looking for Boho brands/independent designers to achieve the hippie-dippie look for your college, you need to explore what we at Elise have to offer.

You can also check out Elise Stories, Lulus, Free People, Reformation, Spell, and Salty Crush. These brands offer the newest avatar of the bohemian aesthetics, mainly boho-chic outfits that are more contemporary, retaining the relaxed look, and earthy tones of the Boho vibe with a touch of urban elements of today.

Final Thoughts

Boho clothing is a great way to show your unique sense of style and personality when it comes to college outfits. Now that you have learned how to dress boho for college and university, you don’t need to rummage through your closet last minute to put together the perfect look.

You don’t have any restrictions when it comes to boho, you can always make a good combination of colors and show your ability to keep up with fashion and comfort. No matter what you wear, just be yourself and be comfortable in what you’re wearing.

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